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A "family portrait" from Nickelodeon Magazine, showing many family members (excluding the main characters themselves).

This is a list of the SpongeBob SquarePants characters' families.

SpongeBob's family

Main article: SquarePants family

Patrick and Gary's family

Squidward's family

Main article: Tentacles family

Mr. Krabs and Pearl's family

Main article: Krabs family

Plankton and Karen's family

Main article: Plankton family

Mrs. Puff's family

Sandy's family

Main article: Cheeks family

King Neptune's family

Main article: King Neptune's family

Old Man Jenkins' family

Main article: Jenkins family

Old Man Walker's family

Main article: Walker family
  • Mary Walker - Old Man Walker's wife.
  • Mary's mother - Old Man Walker's mother in law.
  • Mr. Walker - Old Man Walker's and Mary Walker's grandson.
  • Mable-Monica - Mr. Walker's ex-wife.
  • Billy - Mr. Walker's and Mable's son and Old Man Walker's and Mary Walker's great grandson.
  • Lenny - Mable's husband and Billy's stepfather.


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