In addition to the ten main characters, SpongeBob SquarePants has a large amount of background characters. They are identified by the artists and animators with individual model numbers. These model numbers correspond to when the characters were designed in production. The following is a list of background characters, sorted by their model numbers.

"Squeaky Boots," the second episode made for season 1 in production order (code #102), was the first produced episode to feature incidental characters. As a result, the first row of incidentals (incidentals 1-11) were all first designed for "Squeaky Boots."

Some characters have been removed from the model sheets, mainly between the second and fourth seasons. Like most animated series, many SpongeBob episodes are worked on at the same time, leading to several incidentals with later numbers appearing in episodes before others with earlier numbers.


Number Image Debut (production order)
Incidental 1
001Fred "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 2 2Archie "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 3 3Harry "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 4 4Francis "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 5 5John "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 6 6Tom "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 7 7NancySuzyFish "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 8 8TinaFran "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 9 9HenryBart "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 10 10Franco "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 11 11Sheila(Squidina) "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 12 12VeraFishbowl "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 13 13MedleyFishbowl "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 14 14Evelyn "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 15 15Mevis "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 16 16Buddy "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 17 17Perry "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 18 18Horace "Squeaky Boots" (episode 102)
Incidental 19 Unknown
Incidental 20 20Sheldon "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 21 Halbert "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 22 22JenniferMillie "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 23 23Charlie "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 24 Frank the Goldfish "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 25 25Joe "Boating School" (episode 104)
Incidental 26 26Paramedic "Boating School" (episode 104)
Incidental 27 27JimmyGus "Boating School" (episode 104)
Incidental 28 28Phil "Hall Monitor" (episode 108)
Incidental 29 29Molly "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 30 30BlueAnchovy "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 30A 30ABrownAnchovy "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"
Incidental 31 31Clay "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 32 Dc2qkx0-94d35d1f-6179-401b-81c5-85ec988b25bb "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 33 x200px "Sandy's Rocket" (episode 110)
Incidental 34 Far-distance fish "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 35 I35 "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 36 36Harold(Red) "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 37A 37AGus "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 37B 37BMartin "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 38
38Scooter(TheDude) "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 39 Lou "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 40 Dc2qmfq-9ec212ac-bff5-4c6a-96c6-a32c08215c1e "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 41 ​​​​​​Dc2qmma-5866c41e-5eea-41cd-b725-2bf5ac36aac1 "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 42 Dave-Frank "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidentals 43-44 Unknown
Incidental 45 45Shubie "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 46 46NazzMimi "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 47 47Sadie "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 48 48AbigailMarge "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 49 49NormaRechid "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 49A 49aPattyRechid "Opposite Day" (episode 112)
Incidentals 050-059 Unknown
Incidental 60 60NathielWaters "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 61 Unnamed crab "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 62 Ivy.PNG "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 63 63MarthaSmith "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 64 Dc2qo1y-951165fe-3a3c-4d36-b05d-2e10e51d8783 "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 65 65Billy(Lime) "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 66 Catfish customer "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 67 67Harv "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 68 68LloydRich "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 69 Cara "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 70 Incidental 70 "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 71 I71Normal "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidental 72 Unknown
Incidental 73 73Paco "Pickles" (episode 111)
Incidentals 74-079 Unknown
Incidental 80 80OldCoot "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 111)
Incidental 81 81Sylvester "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 82 82Mable "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 83
(Old Man Walker)
83OldManJenkins(fat) "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 84 84Mable(Gray) "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 85 85Lonnie "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 86 86OldManJenkins(wheelchair) "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 87 87Mary "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 088 or 089
(Orange senior)
Orange senior "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 088 or 089
(Elderly shark)
193a - Sanctuary! (205) "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 90 90Richard "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 91 91OldManJenkins(blue) "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 92 92Dennis "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 93 93MissShell "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidental 94 94Norma(Edna) "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" (episode 119)
Incidentals 95-101 Valentine's Day 119 "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 102 102Girl "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 103 103Monroe "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 104 104DebbieRechid "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 105 105Frank "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 106 106Ivy "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 107 Frankie Billy "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidental 108 Dale "Valentine's Day" (episode 128)
Incidentals 109-113 Unknown
Incidental 114 114 Lenny "Something Smells"
Incidental 115 115MableMonica "F.U.N." (episode 121)
Incidental 116
(Dr. Gill Gilliam)
Purple Docterfish stock art "I Was a Teenage Gary" (episode 117)
117 Unknown
Incidental 118 Officer Johnson "Hall Monitor" (episode 108)
Incidental 119 119Janitor "SB-129" (episode 129)
Incidentals 120-149 Unknown
Incidental 150 150Girl "Bossy Boots"
Incidental 151 151Tyler "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"
Incidental 152 Dc2queq-6abff397-1b16-4f17-ae2f-8357cfef3880 "Patty Hype"
Incidental 153 x200px "The Smoking Peanut"
Incidental 154 Norton model pose "Something Smells"
Incidental 155 Frank (Lifegaurd) "Ripped Pants" (episode 106)
Incidental 156
156Sandals "Patty Hype"
Incidental 157 157BusinessAnchovies "F.U.N." (episode 121)
Incidental 158 Billy(Brown) "Prehibernation Week" (episode 151)
Incidentals 159-199 Unknown
Incidental 200 I200 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
Incidental 201 I201 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
Incidental 202 I202 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
203 Unknown
Incidental 204 Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 2.20.28 AM "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
205 Unknown
Incidental 206 I206 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
207-210 Unknown
Incidental 211 Glow fish model pose "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
Incidental 212 I212 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
213 Unknown
Incidental 214 I214 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
215-219 Unknown
Incidental 220 Incidental 220 art "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
Incidental 221 I221 "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)
Incidental 222 Rock Bottom clerk fish model pose "Rock Bottom" (episode 138)


  • Most background characters have two models: one for their daytime color palette and another for their nighttime color palette. For example, Fred's palettes are labeled "001-DAY" and "001-NIGHT."
  • According to Jay Lender, several of the original incidental characters were removed from the model sheets during the second season after their models were lost in the shuffle during revisions.[1] As a result, many episodes featuring them in storyboards (such as "Christmas Who?" and "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III") had them replaced with different character models. Despite this, number 62 reappeared in season three's "New Student Starfish."
    • The numbers for these characters are known from storyboards. Specifically, numbers 33, 35, 61, 62, 70, and 71 are known from the storyboards of "Christmas Who?."
  • Fred, Old Man Walker, and Scooter are currently the only incidental characters with official confirmed names by the SpongeBob crew. Other characters have been given various names throughout the show, but these are limited to single instances and do not carry over to other episodes.
  • The models for Incidentals 30 and 30A are redraws of the anchovies from "Help Wanted." Unlike the anchovies in "Help Wanted," these incidentals are solid blue and brown, and the brown anchovies have blue shirts instead of white ones.
  • Incidentals 11 (squid), 32 (orca whale), and 61 (crab) are the only background characters who are not fish.


These incidental model sheets were uploaded by Vincent Waller to his Twitter on February 8, 2018. He compiled the sheets himself in Photoshop, and as a result, they are missing various characters.


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