This is a list of characters by incidental model numbers. Model numbers were listed on sheets as tweeted by Vincent Waller.


Model Article
001-DAY Fred
002-DAY Incidental 2
003-DAY Incidental 3
004-DAY Incidental 4
005-DAY Incidental 5
006-DAY Tom
007-DAY Nancy Suzy Fish
008-DAY Tina Fran
009-DAY Incidental 9
010-DAY Incidental 10
011-DAY Squidina
012-DAY Incidental 12
013-DAY Incidental 13
014-DAY Incidental 14
015-DAY Incidental 15
016-DAY Incidental 16
017-DAY Incidental 17
018-DAY Incidental 18
020-DAY Incidental 20
021-DAY Incidental 21
022-DAY Incidental 22
023-DAY Incidental 23
024-DAY Incidental 24
024-026-DAY Incidental 25-26
027-DAY Incidental 27
028-DAY Incidental 28
029-DAY Incidental 29
030-030A-DAY Incidental 30
031-DAY Incidental 31
032-DAY Incidental 32
034A-DAY Incidental 34A
034B-DAY Incidental 34B
034C-DAY Incidental 34C
034D-DAY Incidental 34D
034E-DAY Incidental 34E
034F-DAY Incidental 34F
034G-DAY Incidental 34G
034H-DAY Incidental 34H
034I-DAY Incidental 34I
034J-DAY Incidental 34J
034K-DAY Incidental 34K
035-DAY Skinny fish
036-DAY Incidental 36
037A-DAY Incidental 37A
037B-DAY Incidental 37B
041-DAY Peterson Nat Tucker
042-DAY Incidental 42
045-DAY Incidental 45
046-DAY Incidental 46
047-DAY Incidental 47
048-DAY Incidental 48
049-DAY Incidental 49
049A-DAY Incidental 49A
060-DAY Incidental 60
063-DAY Incidental 63
064-DAY Incidental 64
065-DAY Incidental 65
067-DAY Incidental 67
068-DAY Incidental 68
069-DAY Incidental 69
071-DAY Olive fish
073-DAY Incidental 73
080-DAY Incidental 80
081-DAY Incidental 81
082-DAY Incidental 82
083-DAY Incidental 83
102-DAY Miss Rechid
103-DAY Incidental 103
104-DAY Incidental 104
105-DAY Incidental 105
106-DAY Incidental 106
107-DAY Incidental 107
108-DAY Incidental 108


  • 035-DAY was removed from the model sheets, and the reference number can be found in the Christmas Who? storyboard.
  • 071-DAY was removed from the model sheets.


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