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Jailhouse Blues

Jailhouse Blues was composed by Nicolas Carr.


Jalopy was composed by Ron Aspery.

James Blond

James Blond was composed by Jurgen Schlachter.

  • 84a. "Spy Buddies" - Title card; SpongeBob appears in the 007 credits parody.

Jarabe Tapatio (a)

Jarabe Tapatío was composed by Gerhart Frei and Carlos Periguez.

Jaunty Whistle

Jaunty Whistle was composed by Stephane Michel Huguenin and François Dominique Delfin.

Jazz Fanfare

Jazz Fanfare was composed by Tony Tape. There are different variations.

Jazz Fanfare [#28]

Jazz Fanfare [#28.02]

Jenny's Music Box

Jenny's Music Box was composed by Peter Dennis.


Jerkin' was composed by Philippe Pierre Villar.

Jerry Cotton

Jerry Cotton was composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • 58b. "Plankton's Army" - "But united, the entire Plankton family could be a real pain in the Bailey!"

Jingle Bells

There are two different versions of Jingle Bells. One was arranged by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield and the other one was composed by Simon Benson.

(Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield version)

There are two different versions.

(Version 1)

(Version 2)

Jingle Bells (d)

This version was composed by Simon Benson.

Jingle Bell Swing

Jingle Bell Swing was composed by Ib Glindemann.

  • 28. "Christmas Who?" - Santa Claus waves to Squidward, wishing him a Merry Christmas.

The Jitters

Main article: The Jitters
The Jitters was composed by Raymond Jones.

Joe Cool

Joe Cool was composed by Nino Nardini.

John and Terry

John and Terry was composed by Tim Garland.

Johnny Too Bad 1

Johnny Too Bad 1 was composed by Steve Byrd.

Jolly Clarinet

Jolly Clarinet was composed by Ilan Harel.

  • 118a. "Pet or Pests" - SpongeBob sends Gary to sleep to the guest newspaper.
  • 147b. "Shellback Shenanigans" - Plankton receives an intensive care unit disguised as Gary.
  • 248b. "Squid's on a Bus" - Squidward forbids soft objects and food on the bus.

Jolly Good (a)

Jolly Good (a) was composed by Otto Sieben.

A Jolly Jaunt

Main article: A Jolly Jaunt
A Jolly Jaunt was composed by Dick Stephen Walter. There are different variations.

Jolly Little Roger

Main article: Jolly Little Roger
Jolly Little Roger was composed by Michael Bolger and Nicolas Carr.

The Jolly Sleighride

The Jolly Sleighride was composed by Ib Glindemann.

Journey to the Magic Island

Journey to the Magic Island was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

  • 44b. "Idiot Box" - SpongeBob welcomes Squidward onto the S.S. Imagination.
  • 58b. "Plankton's Army" - "All mine. It's all mine. After all these years, it's finally mine."


Joust was composed by Fredric Bayco.

  • 44b. "Idiot Box" - "Attention, climbers! Please hold on!"

The Jovial Buccaneers

Main article: The Jovial Buccaneers
The Jovial Buccaneers was composed by John Fox. There are different variations.

Jovial Jack

Jovial Jack was composed by Philippe Pares.

  • 78a. "Born to Be Wild" - SpongeBob and Patrick are shown riding on unicycles.
  • 243a. "The Nitwitting" - "Hey, you'd better hurry because you're getting smaller!"

Jovial Pirates Jig

Main article: Jovial Pirates Jig
Jovial Pirates Jig was composed by Michael Bolger and Nicolas Carr.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World was composed by David Snell.

  • 28. "Christmas Who?" - Squidward dressed as Santa Claus; "Yes, it is I, Santa Claus!"

Jubilee Sports

Jubilee Sports was composed by Dennis Berry and Stuart Crombie.

Jungle Baby

Jungle Baby was composed by Hans Ehrlinger.

Junior Miss

Junior Miss was composed by Len Stevens.

  • 104a. "Not Normal" - Montage of SpongeBob turning normal.
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