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Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

The Bachelor Lives

The Bachelor Lives were composed by Laurie Johnson. There are different variations.

The Bachelor Life (a)

The Bachelor Life (c)

Bach's Toccata

Bach's Toccata was originally composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, and later arranged by Peter Lea-Cox.

Background Blues

Background Blues was composed by Otto Sieben.

Bad Slide

Bad Slide is a sample from the ProjectSAM Symphobia Colours: Animator sound set.

Bad Tempi 1

Bad Tempi 1 was composed and performed by Masters of Trash.

Bahia Baby

Bahia Baby was composed by Wolfgang Kaltenbah

Bal Campagnard

Bal Campagnard was composed by Harry Breuer and Jean-Jacques Perrey.

  • 225a. "Cuddle E. Hugs" - Cuddle E. Hugs enters SpongeBob's home, and both go to bed.

Bali Ha'i

Bali Ha'i was composed by William Bell.

Ballet Elegante

Ballet Elegante was composed by Albert Ketelbey.

  • 216a. "Cave Dwelling Sponge" - Opening.
  • 221b. "Stuck on the Roof" - "Finally, this place has some class."
  • 239a. "The Grill is Gone" - SpongeBob cleaning the outside of the Krusty Krab as a sprinkler.
  • 241a. "Squirrel Jelly" - SpongeBob and Patrick at Jellyfish Fields.
  • 244b. "Pineapple RV" - Squidward tells SpongeBob and Patrick he's going to Porpoise Peak to see the Warbling Water Lily; Squidward dreams he's at Porpoise Peak with the Warbling Water Lily; Squidward sees the Warbling Water Lily; SpongeBob waters the Warbling Water Lily. (High pitched)

Ballet Shoes [#60.03]

Ballet Shoes [#60.03] was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Ballett Walzer (Ballet Waltz)

Ballett Walzer (Ballet Waltz) was composed by Norbert Pawlicki.

Ballroom Romance

Ballroom Romance was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Balmoral Highlanders

Balmoral Highlanders was composed by Frankie Hepburn and Austin Ince.

  • 224b. "Scavenger Pants" - SpongeBob and Patrick boating through the Loch Ness.


Bandits was composed by Andy Allan and Martyn Laight.

  • 6b. "Pickles" - Pickles are seen under Bubble Bass's tongue.

Banjo Sing-Along

Banjo Sing-Along is an Optigan sample.

Banners Victorious

Banners Victorious was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

Banzai Rider

Banzai Rider was composed by The Surfdusters.

  • 32a. "Pressure" - SpongeBob and Sandy climb Coral Cliff; After the record player scene.

Barbecue Beach

Barbecue Beach was composed by Martin Busca and Thomas Klein.

  • 78a. "Born to Be Wild" - Title card; "The -ild Ones. That's a strange name."; Bikers heading toward Bikini Bottom.

Barber of Seville

Barber of Seville was composed by Gioacchino Rossini and arranged by George Wilson.

  • 79b. "Squid Wood" - Mini Squidward dances; More dancing.

Bare Foot

Bare Foot was composed by Robin Hogarth.

  • 54. "Ugh" - Squog is struck by lightning.

Barmy Hoedown!

Barmy Hoedown! was composed by Dominic Francis Glynn and Martin Andrew Smith.

  • 121b. "Shell Shocked" - Angry Jack's Shell Emporium; "I'm really angry!"
  • 236b. "Surf N' Turf" - Sandy arrives with the submarine at the contest and destroys the ship.

Bartmania (a)

Bartmania (a) was composed by Guy Moon.

  • 1a. "Help Wanted" - The anchovies invade the Krusty Krab.

Bashful Eyes

SpongeBob Music- Bashful Eyes

SpongeBob Music- Bashful Eyes

Bashful Eyes is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by Kapono Beamer.

Bassoon Skip

Bassoon Skip was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin. There are different variations.

Bassoon Skip [#85.01]

Bassoon Skip [#85.03]

Bat Stabs

Bat Stabs was composed by David Farnon.

Battle at Sea

Main article: Battle at Sea
Battle at Sea was composed by Johnny Pearson.

Battle March Links

Main article: Battle March Links
Battle March Links were composed by Keith Mansfield. There are different variations.

Battle Stations [#38]

Battle Stations [#38] was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • 199a. "Sold!" - SpongeBob and Patrick watching TV.

Battle Zone

Battle Zone was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Beach Beat

Beach Beat was composed by Eric Spencer.

  • 241a. "Squirrel Jelly" - Sandy playing volleyball with Larry, Mr. Krabs and Squidward; "My name is Sandy Cheeks and I can lick any critter on any beach!"

Beach Boy

Beach Boy was composed by Karl Kroll and Hilmar Doetsch.

Beach Party

Main article: Beach Party
Beach Party was composed by Harry Bluestone.

The Beast Within

Main article: The Beast Within
The Beast Within was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Beat Baby

Beat Baby was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Beautiful Moonlit Night

Beautiful Moonlit Night was composed by George Wilson.

  • 2b. "Ripped Pants" - SpongeBob fakes being weak and tells the lifeguard he needs a tailor.
  • 20b. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" - "Oh, youth... cut down in its prime!"
  • 38a. "Sailor Mouth" - Mama Krabs faints.
  • 62b. "Krabs vs. Plankton" - "Wracked with pain... can't move..."
  • 102a. "Penny Foolish" - "As that I realize, the images seen here tonight may be retchedly hideous, I am going to tell you what you can do to end this travesty. You can donate one penny to me, Mr. Krabs. Also known as, Mr. Krabs, the man who doesn't have one."; Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob both cry.
  • 128b. "Stuck in the Wringer" - "I can't hear you with all the lonely voices in my head."
  • . "Plankton Pays" - Jellyfish trauma center.
  • 153a. "Accidents Will Happen" - Squidward begins his story; Squidward finishes his story.

Beautiful People (a)

Beautiful People (a) was composed by Dick Walter.

Beauty Parade

Beauty Parade was composed by Syd Dale.

Beer Festival

Beer Festival was composed by Dick Walter.

Beer (On This Table) Please

Beer (On This Table) Please was composed by Rosita S Romano.

  • . "The Outfit" - SpongeBob dressed in lederhosen.
  • 199a. "Sold!" - Squidward answers the door in disguise/"Nein, nein! No moven sie! Sitz!"

Before the Beginning

Before the Beginning was composed by Graham De Wilde.

Befuddled Gent

Main article: Befuddled Gent
Befuddled Gent was composed by Phil Green.

Beheading of the King

Beheading of the King was composed by Laurie Johnson.

Bella Italia

Bella Italia was composed by Bruno Bertoli.

Bella Napoli (a)

Bella Napoli (a) was composed by Robert Foster.

Bell Hop

Bell Hop was composed by John Shakespeare.

Bell Hop (a)

  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - Patchy announces that it is time to vote; Patchy introduces Patrick's ending.
  • 54. "Ugh" - "I told you prehistoric times were fun!"
  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - The new pirate patties are shown; Potty gets promoted to assistant manager; Patchy gets fired.
  • 92. "Atlantis SquarePantis" - Final scene of Patchy in his house.
  • 215a. "Feral Friends" - Opening/"I can't help it if I was born a predator."; Ending.

Bell Hop-Short Version A

Bell Hop-Short Version B

Bell Tree [#86.01]

Bell Tree [#86.01] was composed by David Arnold.

Best of the West

Best of the West was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Beware the Ripper (a)

Beware the Ripper (a) was composed by Richard Myhill.

Beyond the Deep Blue Sea

Beyond the Deep Blue Sea was composed by Lisa Doby and Lionel Wendling.

  • 250b. "Karen's Baby" - Plankton telling Karen how Chip saved him.

Beyond the Deep Blue Sea [#62]

Beyond the Galaxy

Beyond the Galaxy was composed by Larry Hochman.

Big Bad Giant

Main article: Big Bad Giant
Big Bad Giant was composed by Paddy Kingsland.

Big Boss

Big Boss was composed by Karl Lothar Mikulicz.

Big City Sidewalks

Big City Sidewalks was composed by Sam Spence.

Big Ed's March

Big Ed's March (aka March to the Trenches) was composed by Sam Spence.

  • 11a. "MuscleBob BuffPants" - Title card; SpongeBob tries to lift an anchor with his Anchor Arms.
  • 16b. "The Paper" - "I'm a box of army supplies bringing relief to the hungry troops..."; Squidward attempts to turn the paper into a helicopter.
  • 39b. "The Fry Cook Games" - Plankton and Mr. Krabs give pep talks.
  • 69b. "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired" - Montage of SpongeBob training.
  • 80a. "Best Day Ever" - SpongeBob pulls off his own tooth and puts it in Squidward's clarinet mouth piece.
  • 206b. "Code Yellow" - "I was born to serve."
  • 219b. "Larry the Floor Manager" - Food served on weights.

Big Julie

Big Julie was composed by Kenny Graham.

Big Scene F

Big Scene F was composed by Hermann Langschwert.

Big Show Theme

Main article: Big Show Theme
Big Show Theme was composed by Robert Sharples.

Big Top Marching Band

Big Top Marching Band is an optigan sample.

Bikini Babes

Bikini Babes was composed by Eric Spencer.

  • 106b. "Sun Bleached" - Craig's crowd follows in SpongeBob's footsteps.

Bikini Babes [#48]

Bikini Dance

Bikini Dance was composed by Lionel Wendling.

Bird Lady from Ghost Town

Bird Lady from Ghost Town was composed by The Mel-Tones.

Bittersweet Memory

Bittersweet Memory was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Bizarre Swing

Bizarre Swing was composed by Mark Winter.


Blackbeard was composed by Sam Fonteyn.

The Black Death

The Black Death was composed by David Farnon.

Black Empire

Black Empire was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Black Stockings

Black Stockings was composed by David Lindup.

Blanket of Fog

Blanket of Fog was composed by Stuart Crombie.

  • 248b. "Squid's on a Bus" - "We're gonna be crushed to death! I don't wanna drive a bus!"

Blaze of Brass (d)

Blaze of Brass (d) was composed by Cecil Milner.

Blazing Trails

Blazing Trails was composed by Guy Fletcher and Rod Williams.

  • 40b. "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm" - Sandy fights what she thinks is the Alaskan Bullworm, but SpongeBob tries to tell her that's not what she's fighting.


Bliss was composed by Alec Gould.

Blissful Thought

Blissful Thought was composed by Peter Knight.

Blondes & Bullets (a)

Blondes & Bullets (a) was composed by Ron Goodwin.

  • 81. "Friend or Foe" - Plankton tries to escape with the formula.


There are 2 versions of Bloodbath, one was composed by Harry Lubin and the other was composed by Frederic Charrison.

(Harry Lubin version)

(Frederic Charrison version)

Blood in the Gutter

Blood in the Gutter was composed by Laurie Johnson.

Blow the Man Down

Blow the Man Down is a traditional sea-shanty. There are different versions, one was composed by Brian Peters, and the others were composed by Robert White and Tim Laycock.

(Brian Peters version)

  • 38a. "Sailor Mouth" - Mr. Krabs changes the "Open" sign to "Closed".
  • 61b. "Shell of a Man" - "I had my torpedo removed long ago."

Blow the Man Down (b)

This version is performed by Robert White and Tim Laycock.

  • 14b. "Karate Choppers" - Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to get back to work.
  • 20a. "Hooky" - Mr. Krabs makes Patrick and SpongeBob promise never to go near the hooks again.
  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - The Flying Dutchman tells SpongeBob and Patrick that he's going to eat them.

Blow the Man Down (c)

This version was performed by Robert White and Tim Laycock.

Blow the Man Down (d)

This version was performed by Robert White and Tim Laycock.

  • 42b. "My Pretty Seahorse" - Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob about his best friend that was a dollar that he spent on a soda.

Blue Blood F

Blue Blood F was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

Blue Danube

Blue Danube was composed by Fiachra Trench and Johann Strauss Sr.

  • 3a. "Jellyfishing" - SpongeBob and Patrick sing it while teaching Squidward to Jellyfish/This serves as the background music of the ending section of "Nick's B Danube". (#56)
  • 79a. "The Pink Purloiner" - SpongeBob and Patrick are jellyfishing. (#17)
  • 168b. "Fiasco!" - The police catch Plankton in outer space. (#56)
  • 185. "It Came from Goo Lagoon" - The Bubble giant pushes Plankton and the goo bubble up in outer space. (#17)
  • 198a. "Sharks vs. Pods" - Johnny dancing. (#17)

The Blue Danube

The Blue Danube was composed by Max Reinsch.

  • 237. "Goons on the Moon" - SpongeBob, Sandy, Pearl and Squidina floating around the cabin.

Blue Danube Waltz

Blue Danube Waltz was composed by Johann Strauss Sr.

  • 127b. "I ♥ Dancing" - "And a-one... and a-two... and... aha!"; SpongeBob still practicing; "And a-one... and a-two..."; "And a-one... and a-two..."
  • 133b. "Squidward in Clarinetland" - Squidward chases SpongeBob for his clarinet while they're in outer space.
  • 206a. "Unreal Estate" - Squidward in space.
  • 244b. "Pineapple RV" - RV flies through the sky and lands in Porpoise Peak.

Blue Dobro (a)

Blue Dobro (a) was composed by Richard Myhill.

  • 18a. "Texas" - "What did you say?"

Bluegrass Banjo

Bluegrass Banjo is an optigan sample.

  • 142a. "Trenchbillies" - Trenchbillies introduced. (Low pitched)
  • 242a. "FarmerBob" - Old Man Jenkins' barn and grain silo dancing.
  • 261b. "Hiccup Plague" - Old Man Jenkins warns Bubble Bass about the hiccup.

Blue Lamp Blues

Blue Lamp Blues was composed by Ralph Dollimore.

  • 224a. "Squid Noir" - Title card; "And that's how it began... my life smashed to bits."

Blues in a Hurry

Blues in a Hurry was composed by Cecil Norman.

Bobbins and Spindles

Bobbins and Spindles was composed by Ronald Hanmer.

Bobby Shaftoe

Bobby Shaftoe is a traditional sea shanty performed by Brian Peters.

  • 33a. "Shanghaied" - "Look, Patrick, a real live ghost mop."
  • 38a. "Sailor Mouth" - "Yessiree, that's bad word number 11. In fact, there are 13 bad words you should never use."


Bobmatisme was composed by Achille Alberto Scotti.


Bobsled was composed by Caesar Giovannini and Wayne Robinson.

Bold as Brass 29

Bold as Brass 29 was composed by Mel Dean.

  • 210b. "Burst Your Bubble" - Mrs. Puff drives the bubble boat through the obstacle course again.

Bongo Crazy [#23]

Bongo Crazy [#23] was composed by Martyn David, Alan Bell, and Roger Dexter.

Bonnie Blue Gal

Bonnie Blue Gal was composed by Sam Spence.

Boom Addict

Boom Addict was composed by Paul Smith, Jason Robert Greenhalgh, and Femi Olasehinde.

  • 221b. "Stuck on the Roof" - Music on the radio while SpongeBob's cooking; SpongeBob, Krabs and customers dancing.


Borborygmus was composed by Jean-Jacques Perrey.

  • 225a. "Cuddle E. Hugs" - Title card; Cuddle E. Hugs introduces himself to SpongeBob; Cuddle E. Hugs reappears; "No need to be sorry, SpongeBob."; Cuddle E. Hugs explains why no one else can see him/SpongeBob decides to share the rotten patty with everyone else; Cuddle E. Hugs reappears; Cuddle E. Hugs as a real hamster. (Speeded)
  • 267b. "Dream Hoppers" - SpongeBob and Patrick falling through Patrick's mouth.

Border Run

Border Run was composed by The Surfdusters.

Bossa Cubana

Bossa Cubana was composed by Gerhard Narholz.

Botany Bay

Main article: Botany Bay
Botany Bay was composed by Robert White.

Box Melody

Box Melody was composed by Leo Nissim.

Box Office

Main article: Box Office
Box Office was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin. There are different variations.

Boxing Greats #2

Boxing Greats #2 was composed by Jack Shaindlin.

  • 253b. "Biddy Sitting" - SpongeBob and Patrick discover Mary's mother at the boxing stadium and she punches them.
  • 257a. "Handemonium" - "Ta-da! Let's give a big hand to the new champion!"

Boy Scout

Boy Scout was composed by Harold Smart.

Boy Wizard's Teacher

Boy Wizard's Teacher was composed by Paul Lawler.

Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls was composed by Brian Peters.

Brahms' Lullaby

There are two different versions of Brahms' Lullaby. One was composed by Curtis Schwartz and the other was composed by Johannes Brahms.

(Curtis Schwartz version)

(Johannes Brahms version)

Brass Moment

Brass Moment was composed by Harry Bluestone. There are different variations.

Brass Moment [#73]

Brass Moment [#77]

Brave and Bold

Brave and Bold was composed by Chris Payne and Paul Rogers

Brave Legend

Brave Legend was composed by Larry Hochman.


Break-Thru was composed by Gary Mills.

Break In

Break In was composed by Harry Lubin.


Breakout was composed by Syd Dale

  • 252b. "Dirty Bubble Returns" - Title card; Clean Bubble becomes dirty again and disturbes the customers in the bathroom.
  • 253b. "Biddy Sitting" - SpongeBob and Patrick escape from the jail made of construction blocks; SpongeBob and Patrick enter the nursing home.

Breakfast News

Breakfast News was composed by Bella Russell and Nigel Beaham-Powell.

Breakfast Show [#34.01]

Breakfast Show [#34.01] was composed by Paul Hart and David Arnold. There are different variations.

Breezing Around

Breezing Around was composed by Edward White.

  • 200. "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" - "Excuse me, Mr. Star is not to be disturbed."; Patrick signing contract.
  • 248a. "The Krusty Bucket" - "Don't waste your breath, Plankton. I already mapped out the perfect plot to swipe that formuler."
  • 260b. "Pat Hearts Squid" - Squidward's stuff and furniture in Patrick's house.


The Brickbat cues were composed by Laurie Johnson.

Brickbat (Battle)

  • 241a. "Squirrel Jelly" - SpongeBob and Patrick running to Sandy's treedome; Giant jellyfish bumps into Sandy's treedome.
  • 257a. "Handemonium" - Plankton orders the Chum Bucket's glove to open the safe box and he roars at him.
  • 261a. "Lighthouse Louie" - Lighthouse crushes Bubble Bass.
  • 262b. "The Hankering" - "What was that?"

Brickbat (Build-Up)

Bridal Chorus

Bridal Chorus was composed by Richard Wagner.

Bridge 3

Bridge 3 was composed by Wilfred Burns.

  • 242b. "Gary & Spot" - Gary goes to the Chum Bucket. (High pitched)
  • 246b. "Stormy Weather" - Little cloud starts crying.
  • 248a. "The Krusty Bucket" - PlanKrab shakes SpongeBob's hand.
  • 249b. "Insecurity Guards" - "Uh, no, Patrick, it's not your mother..." (Low pitched)
  • 250b. "Karen's Baby" - Karen and Plankton spying on Chip's first day of work as an ATM.
  • 251a. "Shell Games" - Tony learns he was overslept inside his shell for 30 years.
  • 253a. "Jolly Lodgers" - "SpongeBob, aren't you gonna introduce me?"
  • 254-255. "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout" - SpongeBob locks his house's door with keys, while Plankton takes them.
  • 261b. "Hiccup Plague" - Karen sneezes releasing the hiccup bubble from herself and passing to Plankton; Sandy discovers the hiccup bubble inside SpongeBob's body.

Bridge H

Bridge H was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.


Bridgehead and its Alt. End was composed by Sam Fonteyn.


Bridgehead Alt. End

  • 25a. "Wormy" - "Yeah!"; Ending.

Bridge of Stars

Bridge of Stars was composed by Alan Braden.

Bright and Active

Bright and Active was composed by Dieter Reith.

  • 256a. "SpongeBob in RandomLand" - SpongeBob walking randomly around the Krusty Krab; SpongeBob walking randomly through Bikini Bottom.

A Brighter Day

A Brighter Day was composed by David Luong.

  • 224a. "Squid Noir" - Jellyfish jazz club.
  • 252a. "Mind the Gap" - Audience snapping fingers at Blow Your Top Lounge.

Bring Back [#18]

Bring Back [#18] was composed by Lars-Luis Linek. The track sounds similar to that of "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean".

  • 15a. "Sleepy Time" - Mrs. Puff takes away SpongeBob's license.

Bring on the Girls

Bring on the Girls was composed by Dennis Farnon.

Broadway Bustle

Broadway Bustle was composed by Leslie Manson.

Broadway Dazzle

Broadway Dazzle was composed by Peter Dennis.

Broadway Flyer

Broadway Flyer was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Broken Ride

Broken Ride was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Broken Romance

Broken Romance was composed by Mike Sunderland.


Brushes was composed by Martyn David, Alan Bell, and Roger Stephen Dexter.

  • 9b. "Opposite Day" - Squidward rebuilding SpongeBob's house.


Bucaneers was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin. There are different variations.

Bucaneers 1 [#1]

Bucaneers 3 [#6]

Bucaneers 5 [#12]

Bucaneers [#91]

Buccaneer Overture

Buccaneer Overture was composed by David Arkenstone.

Buck Jump

Buck Jump was composed by Cedric Palmer.

  • 225b. "Pat the Horse" - Several kids on Patrick at once.
  • 232a. "Mustard O' Mine" - SpongeBob makes a Krabby Patty and Squidward feeds Patrick with him.

Buckle Down March

Buckle Down March was composed by Sam Spence.

Buenos Aires (b)

Buenos Aires (b) was composed by Norman Candler.

Buffalo Girls

Buffalo Girls or "Buffalo Gals" is a traditional folk song performed by Martyn Laight.


Buffoonery was composed by Van Phillips.

Buggy Girl

Buggy Girl was composed by David Hamburger, John Hunter Jr., and Jonathan Slott.

Bugle Fanfare

Bugle Fanfare was composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

Build Up

Build Up was composed by Robert Sharples.

Bumbling B

Bumbling B was composed by Bernd Gesell.

Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night was composed by Fredric Bayco.

Burglar Bill [#7.04]

Burglar Bill [#7.04] was composed by Andrew J.J. Hall.

But in the End

But in the End was composed by Jean Luc Leonardon.

  • 245a. "Gary's Got Legs" - SpongeBob apologizing to Krabs, Gary, and Patrick.

Busy Factory

Busy Factory was composed by Leslie Baguley.

Busy Life

Busy Life was composed by Cedric King-Palmer.

Busy Schedule

Busy Schedule was composed by Cyril Watters.

Busy Shoppers

Busy Shoppers was composed by Len Stevens.

  • 104a. "Not Normal" - First scene of SpongeBob's normality.

Buying Spree

Buying Spree was composed by William Loose.

Buzz Twist

Buzz Twist was composed by Eric Spencer.

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