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Urban legends/creepypasta

Squidward's Suicide

The most popular image associated with "Squidward's Suicide"

"Squidward's Suicide" (also known as "Red Mist") is an urban legend written around 2006. This story was extremely popular and widely circulated in the early 2010s, and it introduced phrases that would be used in "copycat" Internet stories to the point of cliché, such as "hyper-realistic."

The narrator of the story claims to have worked at Viacom (the company that owns Nickelodeon and its shows) and received early access to future SpongeBob episodes. He recounts his experience watching the episode with other interns.

The most commonly-shared version recounts a disturbing and morbid episode (supposedly produced in place of "Fear of a Krabby Patty") about Squidward performing poorly at a clarinet recital. Squidward mourns his failure while illegal photos of dead children taken by a shadowy photographer flash as subliminal messages. The story culminates with a scene of Squidward in his room, having shot himself in the head. A popular image associated with the story depicts Squidward with bloodshot eyes. The "lost" episode has been recreated several times and in different formats on YouTube.

Red Mist Squidward from "SpongeBob in RandomLand."

The episode "SpongeBob in RandomLand" briefly features a character known as Red Mist Squidward, which is a direct reference to the story. Additionally, Ego Plum composed a music track specifically for this character's scene, titled "Red Mist Cue." Storyboard artist Adam Paloian, writer Kaz, and showrunner Vincent Waller all confirmed that the reference was made intentionally to poke fun at "truly silly, 'trying to be dark' fan fiction."[1] The scene featuring Red Mist Squidward was cut in UK airings due to its frightening nature, and was later replaced with Baby Squidward in US airings in November 2019 for the same reason.

SpongeBob's Fresh Start

SpongeBob's Fresh Start is a trollpasta. The story has a similar plot to Squidward's Suicide. The only real difference between the stories is that it's a retelling of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air theme song but with SpongeBob instead of Will Smith.

The Story of Evil SpongeBob

The story is a parody of killeryoshis's The Story of Evil Elmo. The story starts that SpongeBob turns evil, he killed all his friends including the Bikini Bottomites, committed crimes like bank robberies, bombings, drug dealing, and shooting innocent fish. This video was taken down by YouTube due of violating community guidelines, and the channel that made the video has been terminated since 2017.

SpongeBob Bootleg Episode

SB Bootleg.jpg
The SpongeBob Bootleg Episode is a creepypasta about an edited version of "Dumped." The only image in it was a picture of SpongeBob with big, bloodshot eyes and no mouth. The rest was either color images or black screens. Most versions of the image are actually animated GIFs that feature SpongeBob blinking once the viewers stares at it long enough.

Theh Storry Off Squidwarrrxxxx

"Theh Storry Off Squidwarrxxxx" is a trollpasta (poorly written creepypasta) made in 2017. It involves a viewer wanting to watch SpongeBob SquarePants on TV and instead watching an episode called "Theh Story Off Squidwarrrxxxx" They decide to watch the episode, which involves SpongeBob annoying Squidward, causing the latter to commit suicide by jumping off a window. After viewing the episode, the narrator's television set melts. This Trollpasta became semi-popular after PhantomStrider included it in his Top 6 Worst SpongeBob Creepypasta's Video.

A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie

Supposed "DVD cover" for the movie

A Day with SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie is an nonexistent mockumentary that was said to be distributed by Reagal Films and MVD. The movie has been postponed, but the director plans to make the film through a crowdfunding effort. In this mockumentary, SpongeBob lives above ground like all Hollywood superstars. Afraid that SpongeBob is becoming old news, his boss runs a contest called "Spend a Day with SpongeBob". The contest makes SpongeBob the talk of the town, as thousands of kids enter to win. The lucky winner is Seth, and he is ecstatic about his day with SpongeBob. However, the day becomes a roller coaster ride as things don’t go quite the way they planned. For a while, this film was said to be lost, until is was debunked as no such film ever existed.

Video edits

SpongeBob (Speedy)

Many SpongeBob episodes posted on YouTube are often sped up, in order to avoid being taken down from Viacom (who own Nickelodeon, which airs and produces SpongeBob). It is one of the oldest SpongeBob-related phenomena on YouTube dating back to pre-copyright removal status which has been around since 2007. They can be specified as two types: Chipmunk and non-Chipmunk. Chipmunk is based from Alvin and the Chipmunks, as the characters' voices have been made higher-pitched. Non-Chipmunk involves the characters speaking with their regular voices (making them easier to understand), but the rest of the episode is sped up.

SpongeBob Backwards/Reverse


SpongeBob SquarePants Intro Instrumental REVERSED, REMASTERED

SpongeBob Theme reversed (no lyrics)

This features episodes of SpongeBob played in reverse to express humor and at times, people notice hidden sentences in it. A similar phenomenon called "SpongeBob Theme Song in Reverse" plays the song backwards often with lyrics showing it has inappropriate lyrics in reverse (especially on "Drop on the deck and flop like a fish"). There is also a phenomenon in which SpongeBob and Patrick speak backwards from "Opposite Day" played in reverse to show what they are really saying.

Portrayed by SpongeBob


The Internet Portrayed by Spongebob

The Internet Portrayed by SpongeBob by Vailskibum94

Portrayed by SpongeBob (for videos, SpongeBob Comparison Charts are used for still images) is a popular meme/video category where people take clips/screencaps from SpongeBob episodes alongside a caption/picture in the corner of what the clip is portraying, which can be movies, TV shows, websites, businesses, video games, or pretty much anything. The image version started around 2016, with the video variant starting later.

SpongeDubs/SpongeBob Sings X

SpongeDubs is a YouTuber who takes clips of SpongeBob saying words, cuts and edits them, and sets them on tune with famous songs. The first known sponge dub that SpongeDubs made is SpongeBob singing Bruno Mars's song, "That's What I Like", in April of 2017. Over a year later, he made & posted more dubs of SpongeBob singing songs. There are others who make / have made their own "SpongeBob sings" videos—also known as sponge dubs—that use / have used the same technique of audio & video editing as SpongeDubs's sponge dubs.

Many more recent sponge dubs use the text-to-speech website Uberduck, mentioned below, as the website has a feature in which a reference audio can be used.

Rock Motto

Rock Motto (more commonly known as "SpingeBill Goes Into A Horrifying Dimension") is a YTP uploaded by ThatGuyPoops which became popular for being creepy at the same time as being funny. It has become a creepypasta, mainly due to Plankton's disturbing appearance in the video. It is likely parodying the episode "Rock Bottom," since the title card is using a messed up version of the original, and the video also contains clips from Rock Bottom.

Plankton's appearance in the video.


SpongeBob SquarePants (Sega Mega Drive)

Spongebob 000.PNG.png
This bootleg game was released in 2012 for the Sega Mega Drive by a Russian company called KDS. It is a ROM hack of the European version of Virgin Games' Cool Spot. The plot, which is seen in the beginning of the game in Russian, involves a mysterious letter that was sent to SpongeBob that by his brother who needs help.

SpongeBob in Tehran

Screenshot of the movie SpongeBob in Tehran.

SpongeBob in Tehran has the same characters as the cover for Plankton's Robotic Revenge.png


SPONGEBOB IN TEHRAN The Weird Persian Bootleg SpongeBob Ripoff

Review of the movie SpongeBob in Tehran by 'A.S.K. Air'.

SpongeBob in Tehran is an unauthorized film released around 2017 made by the same company that made the illegal Persian dub, which was never found until 2020. The movie involves SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward all heading to the Iranian capital of Tehran to get the secret sauce recipe that Mr. Krabs told them to get. The poster uses stock art from the cover of Plankton's Robotic Revenge, and also through the entire movie, some of the backgrounds from the show and the first 2 movies were used. There is also a YouTube video that had the correct English translations, but it was soon taken down by ViacomCBS. There are also sequels unrelated to the film, all of which have also been taken down from YouTube. Those sequels are:

  • SpongeBob in Chabahar, which is live action and uses mascot costumes.
  • Bobby and Bobo in Iran: Save the Sibyl Gold, which features blatant clones of the characters.
  • SpongeBob Foreign Buddies (also known as SpongeBob's Alien Friends), which simply uses the characters' regular designs.

Other phenomena

You Have Met Spongebob on Club Penguin

This meme includes a Club Penguin character waving to SpongeBob while the notification box says, "You have met SpongeBob! Would you like to give him a high-five and rob him afterwards?"

15.ai, FakeYou, and Uberduck

15.ai, FakeYou, and Uberduck are three websites where users can generate text-to-speech voice synthesis audio clips of famous celebrities and cartoon characters, such as SpongeBob. They are free to use. However, although 15.ai's TTS voice software can generate AI-synthesized voice clips that are more natural-sounding than FakeYou's and Uberduck's, 15.ai's website undergoes maintenance downtime more times than it is up, making the services of FakeYou and Uberduck the more available, publicly accessible websites for people to use SpongeBob text-to-speech voices than 15.ai. Sometimes, Uberduck and FakeYou undergo website downtime too, but less frequently than 15.ai does. Uberduck contributors also make AI voice models of characters & people that have the ability to produce singing results.[1]

All three websites have voices of SpongeBob SquarePants. Both Uberduck and FakeYou have text-to-speech voice models of the following: Squidward, the French Narrator, Mr. Krabs (all his voices), Patrick, Sandy, Plankton, the Realistic Fish Head, Mrs. Puff, Karen, Man Ray, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Larry, Pearl, Old Man Walker, Bubble Buddy, the Flying Dutchman, Kevin, Squilliam, Mindy, Smitty Werbenjägermanjensen, Patchy, Grandma SquarePants, Bubble Bass, Gary the Snail (as he appears in his dream in "Sleepy Time"), and the "Krusty Krab Training Video" narrator (albeit the Brazil Portuguese dub voice). There are three variants of SpongeBob's voice on Uberduck and FakeYou, his older low-pitched voice from Season 1 to Season 3, his higher voice from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie onwards, and his Spanish voice by Luis Carreño.

Every SpongeBob Frame In Order

An example of a frame that can easily be taken out of context, getting very popular on the Twitter account.

Every SpongeBob Frame in Order is an account on Facebook, Twitter and Discord, that posts every frame from SpongeBob SquarePants in chronological order, with episodes edited at 3 frames per second. All of the frames are also added on a website. The account has Incidental 70 as its profile picture, and is known for being a fan of him. The frames that get very popular on the accounts are often weird, inappropriate, or look strange without context.

SpongeBob doxxing your IP Address

SpongeBob doxxing your IP Address is a series of YouTube videos which uses a fake IP address text over a random picture of SpongeBob and some stock music.