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This is a list of Sandy's pets.

Alaskan Bull Worm Sandy owns a small Alaskan Bull Worm in the episode "A Place for Pets".

Sandy's Alaskan Bull Worm is noticeably shorter than the one in Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm. The appearance is nearly identical to the one, but Sandy's worm has a brown cowboy hat and a saddle.

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Birdy This pet appears in the episodes "Tea at the Treedome" and "Wormy," as well as the book Salty Sea Stories.

The bird has appeared in two colors. In "Tea at the Treedome," Birdy is orange, but in "Wormy," the bird is blue. In "Tea at the Treedome," Birdy's eyes are black, but in "Wormy," Birdy's eye color is white.


  • According to Sandy, Birdy must be fed bird food at least twice a day.
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Sandy's ant farm A part of Sandy's pet collection that appears in "Wormy." They are a group of ants that live in an ant tank.


  • The ant tank is filled with lots of sand and has a small house at the top.
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Sandy's bees These pets have a brief appearance in "Wormy."
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Sandy's chameleon This pet has a brief appearance in "Wormy."

The chameleon is light green and has black eyes.


  • Despite the fact that chameleons can change color, this chameleon has so far been only seen in the color green.
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Sandy's cricket This pet appears in "Wormy."

The cricket is brown and has black eyes.


  • According to Sandy, the cricket once said "Hello" to SpongeBob.
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Sandy's frog This pet has a brief appearance in "Wormy."

The frog is green and has black eyes.


  • The frog lives in a fishbowl filled half way to the top and sits on a gray rock.
Sandy's Frog.png
Sandy's ladybug This pet appears in "Wormy."

The ladybug is small and red.


  • The ladybug lives in a jar with sticks.
Sandy's Ladybug.png
Sandy's lizard This pet has a brief appearance in "Wormy."

The lizard is yellow-green and has black eyes.


  • The lizard lives in a cage on a small tree.
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Sandy's tarantula This pet has a brief appearance in "Wormy."

The tarantula is gray and has black eyes.


  • The tarantula lives in a glass jar with some sand on the bottom.
Sandy's Tarantula.png
Sandy's turtle This pet has a brief appearance in "Wormy."

The turtle is light green and the shell is dark green with orange spots. It lives in a small pool with two rocks and a leaf.

Sandy's Turtle.png
Snakey A dark green snake, owned and taken care of by Sandy in the episode "Wormy." Sandy fed it a mouse-form food, which she referred to as "his dinner," after SpongeBob asked her what that lump in his belly was.
Wormy A monarch caterpillar who later turned in to a monarch butterfly in the episode "Wormy."

He was a light green caterpillar who had black eyes.


When SpongeBob and Patrick were pet sitting for Sandy, they played games such as hide-and-seek and tag. But over night, Wormy metamorphosed into a butterfly and scared everyone in Bikini Bottom because they have never seen a butterfly before and mistake him for a monster.

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