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An example of one of Mr. Krabs' many failed schemes.

Like Plankton, Mr. Krabs has had many antagonistic schemes throughout the series. Most of them were plans to earn money. His plans have often led to failure with consequences such as his money being taken away.

Season 1

  • "Arrgh!": Mr. Krabs gets SpongeBob and Patrick to be pirates and help him find the Flying Dutchman's treasure. The two eventually see that Mr. Krabs was using their game board as a map and that he wanted the treasure for himself. Mr. Krabs loses the opportunity to possess the whole treasure chest after arguing with SpongeBob and Patrick, with the arguing waking up the Flying Dutchman and allowing the Flying Dutchman to re-take his treasure chest. This is the first time for the series to portray Mr. Krabs as a villain.
  • "Hooky": Mr. Krabs along with Squidward teaches SpongeBob a lesson and make him run home naked and laughs at him.

Season 2

  • "Patty Hype": Mr. Krabs takes over SpongeBob's business so he can earn money. The side effects anger the customers and they chase Mr. Krabs back and forth.
  • "The Smoking Peanut": Mr. Krabs steals Clamu's pearl believing the "free" in "free day" means free anything. As a result, he is pelted on with peanuts by an angry crowd at the end of the episode.
  • "Jellyfish Hunter": He tricks SpongeBob into collecting jellyfish. SpongeBob soon discovers that Mr. Krabs is running a sweat shop, squeezing jelly out jellyfish so more jelly Krabby Patties can be made. Mr. Krabs ends up killing some of them. The jellyfish are accidentally set free and sting Mr. Krabs all at once, burning his body.

Season 3

  • "One Krabs Trash": Mr. Krabs tries to take back a soda-drinking hat he sold to SpongeBob after hearing about its price. He scares SpongeBob out of it with a paper ghost and fights an army of skeletons to get it back, only to find out it was worthless.
  • "Clams": Holds SpongeBob and Squidward hostage to get back his dollar from a giant clam.
  • "Born Again Krabs": Tries to sell a rotten Krabby Patty to customers. He gets sick after eating it and is persuaded to be generous by the Flying Dutchman. However - after realizing it wasn't a dream - he stole back toys from children, soda from a customer, stopped another customer from watching free TV, nearly rips someone's arm off for a penny, and trades SpongeBob for 62 cents.
  • "Krabby Land": Creates a bogus theme park and masquerades as a clown so he can collect children's' money. SpongeBob calls him cheap, and the children beat him up after finding out.

Season 5

  • "The Krusty Sponge": Mr. Krabs makes "SpongeBob" (actually Squidward in a SpongeBob costume) cook "spongy patties," which made the customers ill and brought Mr. Krabs to court.

Season 6

  • "Penny Foolish": Mr. Krabs sees SpongeBob picking up a "penny" and tried various plans to take it from him, even to the point of digging holes in SpongeBob's yard.
  • "Patty Caper": He steals the secret ingredient of the secret formula, so he would not have to pay for delivery and frames SpongeBob, only to be found out and arrested. As punishment, he was forced to sell free Krabby Patties all day.
  • "Plankton's Regular": Tries to steal Plankton's secret ingredient for Chum.
  • "The Krabby Kronicle": Creates a newspaper and makes SpongeBob write lies about people, ruining their lives. Soon Mr. Krabs' scheme is found out, and an enraged crowd steals his money. He then decides to print counterfeit money.
  • "The Slumber Party": Makes SpongeBob spy on Pearl and her friends. Pearl's party is ruined and Mr. Krabs is forced to spend his money on a new party.
  • "Krusty Krushers": Puts SpongeBob and Patrick in danger of being killed by huge wrestlers so he can earn the 1 million dollar prize. However, at the end of the fight, SpongeBob and Patrick choose wrestle camp instead, much to Mr. Krabs' dismay.
  • "No Hat for Pat": Made a fortune when Patrick kept falling on his face, disappointing SpongeBob. Eventually, people take their money back after a Patrick stunt failed.

Season 7

  • "Greasy Buffoons": Mr. Krabs and Plankton sell customers greasy food. This eventually turns people (including Patrick) into overweight, mindless zombies. SpongeBob calls a Health Inspector, resulting in the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket being shut down.
  • "One Coarse Meal": Dresses up like a whale and terrorizes Plankton for about 17 days. He scares Plankton into being too scared to eat his dinner, having nightmares, and even trying to commit suicide.
  • "The Cent of Money": Uses Gary as a coin magnet. He steals peoples' money, brings Gary to exhaustion, and distracts SpongeBob by giving him tedious chores. Mr. Krabs is soon crushed by a tidal wave of money and put in the hospital, where every cent he collected is used up to pay his bill.
  • "The Masterpiece": Plans to become rich by making a giant statue of himself.
  • "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa": Gives away SpongeBob and Patrick's secret by turning it into an amusement park ride. He nearly gets everyone killed, and he gets arrested.

Season 8

  • "Drive Thru": Creates a drive-thru window in hopes of making money faster. He also uses old napkins as a menu board and tin cans as a microphone instead of using the drive through items SpongeBob bought (despite the fact that using the drive thru items wouldn't cost Krabs any money as they're already paid). He then creates more drive-thrus throughout the Krusty Krab which eventually leads to SpongeBob and Squidward desperately feeding more customers but it ended up destroying the restaurant.
  • "The Googly Artiste": Sells Patrick's "art" for $50 a piece.
  • "The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom": Creates a giant Krabby Patty in hopes of selling it but ends up getting eaten by it.
  • "Fiasco!": Tries to pay for customers to see the art but could not. In the end, he managed to get the customer's money by showing the art through Patrick's belly.
  • "The Good Krabby Name": Has SpongeBob (and also Patrick) advertise all over Bikini Bottom so he can have every person eat at the Krusty Krab.
  • "Hello Bikini Bottom!": Makes himself the band manager of SpongeBob and Squidward. He even sells The Krusty Krab in hopes of making even more money with the band. He does not know that this will make him poor and out of business, and buys it back with Gary's college money.

Season 9

  • "Safe Deposit Krabs": Mr. Krabs goes to the bank to get free money. Next, since he is not allowed, he went to the Safe Deposit area to get a lot of money.
  • "Yeti Krabs": Mr. Krabs tells a scary story to SpongeBob and Squidward so that they will work faster and make Mr. Krabs more money faster.
  • "SpongeBob You're Fired": Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob in order to save a nickel but he later regrets it since, without SpongeBob, The Krusty Krab became a dump. He also installs a pay toilet so customers have to save 5 cents to go to the bathroom.
  • "What's Eating Patrick?": Mr. Krabs forces Patrick to enter the food-eating contest or else he will be charged for all the patties he ate.

Season 10

  • "Krusty Katering": Mr. Krabs lies to a high-class lady about being a high-class caterer just so he could steal her check.
  • "SpongeBob's Place": Mr. Krabs lies to SpongeBob that there is a ghost in the Krusty Krab just to get rid of him.
  • "Plankton Retires": Mr. Krabs spies on Plankton, who is in retirement, to see if he is doing anything mischievous.
  • "Out of the Picture": Mr. Krabs tries to kill Squidward by putting him in dangerous areas such as Rock Bottom, in hopes of having his paintings be more valuable. He later tries to directly kill him with a huge wooden hammer but he gets the karma he deserves when he a and Squidward got squished by a wall and made them the art exhibit instead.

Season 11

  • "There's a Sponge in My Soup": Mr. Krabs uses leftovers as ingredients for the Krabby Soup.
  • "Sanitation Insanity": The trash inspectors force Mr. Krabs to clean up Bikini Bottom, and he makes SpongeBob and Squidward do it instead.
  • "Pat the Horse": Mr. Krabs makes Patrick carry a lot of kids on his back to make money.
  • "Shopping List": Mr. Krabs makes a phony shopping list with strange and exotic items and makes SpongeBob and Sandy get the fake ingredients so that he can trick Plankton into thinking it was the real ingredients. After finding out that the ingredients they collected were fake, Sandy beats up Mr. Krabs and sends him into the sky as his punishment.
  • "Surf N' Turf": Mr. Krabs sabotages Sandy's attempts to win the ship-in-a-bottle contest by ruining her treedome and steal the prize money. As punishment, Mr. Krabs was forced to rebuild Sandy's tree until Sandy grows a new one.

Season 12

  • "The Krusty Slammer": Mr. Krabs turns the Krusty Krab into a prison so he can torture Plankton while getting paid. This backfires when he has to pay for the prisoners and is ultimately arrested and tortured by Plankton when he releases the prisoners.


  • Season 4 is currently the only season where Mr. Krabs does not display any antagonism.
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