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Lighthouse Lass is a lighthouse-themed superhero and a member of the Aquatic Adventurers. She first appears in the comic Lo, There Shall Be A Catered Affair!


Lighthouse Lass when she was younger.

Lighthouse Lass seems to be a human woman wearing a lighthouse suit, as she has human legs, eyes, and hair. When she was younger, she had blonde hair in a ponytail, a purple bikini top and bottom over her lighthouse suit, and a pair of purple high heels.

When she got older, her hair became gray and it is now styled in a bob cut hairstyle. She now wears a pair of purple sunglasses, a pink dress with green frills and yellow flowers, and a pair of lavender sneakers. Her legs are now wrinkly due to age, and the banister on the lighthouse deck is removed.

Powers and abilities

Lighthouse Lass can attack criminals by flashing her light at them, which can hurt and stun them. According to SpongeBob, her beacon of light can see into the heart of any criminal, meaning that she could have psychic powers.

Role in comic book

In the comic Lo, There Shall Be A Catered Affair!, she and the rest of the Aquatic Adventurers meet together at the Krusty Krab for their 75th reunion. When the Flying Fish is pulled in to Mr. Krabs' office to sign Mr. Krabs' copy of Aquatic Adventurers No. 1, SpongeBob, Lighthouse Lass, and the rest of the Aquatic Adventurers notice his absence.

SpongeBob compares the situation to the story in the team's comic book, where they are attacked by the Invisible Isopod. The team is skeptical at first, but Lighthouse Lass and the rest of the team start believing SpongeBob when Barnacle Boy goes in Mr. Krabs' office. After Barnacle Boy leaves, Mr. Krabs then asks Lighthouse Lass to sign his comic book, which she does.

When the team notice Lighthouse Lass' disappearance, they start to panic, but SpongeBob reminds them that they have powers. He reminds Lighthouse Lass about her light' abilities while also remembering that she "disappeared," but he pushes that thought aside. When he is scared by a mailman after the Green Harpoon vanishes, SpongeBob states that the team should hide somewhere that they can't be surprised, so they hide in the bathroom.

When Mr. Krabs opens the bathroom door while looking for everybody, SpongeBob orders the Aquatic Adventurers to attack, with Lighthouse Lass creating a bright beacon of light that pummels Mr. Krabs. She and the rest of the team realize their mistake, and bemoan how the Invisible Isopod wasn't attacking, as it thrilled them. She then watches in shock as Barnacle Boy is wedgied by the Invisible Isopod.

Lighthouse Lass then appears in a bonus gallery poster later in the same comic book, alongside nearly every other Mermaid Man hero to exist.


  • On the cover of SpongeBob Comics Annual Super-Giant Swimtacular No.1, her lighthouse is made of bricks. However, in the comics, the lighthouse looks like it's made of concrete or plastic.
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