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This is the page about Light purple officer. If you were looking for the article about the other purple officer, then see Purple officer.

The light purple officer is one of the police officers in Bikini Bottom. He appears in the episodes "Hall Monitor," "The Smoking Peanut," and "Krabby Road."


He is a light purple fish with black sunglasses, a blue police hat, blue pants, and a big gold badge shaped like a star on his chest.

Role in series

"Hall Monitor"

He is one of the police officers to surround SpongeBob when he finds out he is the open window maniac.

"The Smoking Peanut"

He along with the yellow officer confront SpongeBob about who caused Clamu's outburst. After getting info from him, they cuff Patrick and drive off in their police boat with him.

"Krabby Road"

He pulls up in front of Plankton and the Patty Stealers, questioning why they are out so late at night. When he comes, Plankton hides in SpongeBob's nose. The light purple officer sees Plankton, but thinks he is a booger, and tries to tell SpongeBob that he has something in his nose. However, he gives up and just tells him to keep his nose clean before driving off.


  • Bikini Bottom Mysteries suggests he is actually the con man and that he works as a police officer and switches identities to mislead the authorities and ward off suspicion.
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