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Letter tiles are sets of nine objects that are used to find the Flying Dutchman's lost treasures. They are featured in the console versions of the video game Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.


Letter tiles are large blue square-shaped tiles with gold decorations on the edges. Each tile has a letter in the centre, which can be either an "S," "P," "O," "N," "G," "E," or "B." Each area in the game has a set of nine letter tiles, and collecting them all spells the name "SpongeBob."

As the French Narrator explains, each letter tile is a clue, and after collecting all the clues the player has to solve a sliding tile puzzle in order to find the location of a treasure chest, which contains one of the Flying Dutchman's lost treasures.

Role in game

Letter tiles are rewards for completing certain tasks in an area, and all nine of them are needed to find the area's treasure. In total, 63 letter tiles need to be collected in order to complete the game.

By pausing the game, the player can check a To-Do List that lists all the letter tiles and how to get them. Below are the aforementioned lists.

Bikini Bottom

  • S - Jump up to vista point
  • P - Get onto the Krusty Krab sign
  • O - Search though Krusty Krab storage
  • N - Play hooky on the fishing hooks
  • G - Get rid of the thug in the Krusty Krab
  • E - Power jump near the Chum Bucket
  • B - Fix Patrick's antenna
  • O - Gather 50 doubloons in Bikini Bottom
  • B - Catch 8 jellyfish in Bikini Bottom

Downtown Bikini Bottom

  • S - Up, up and alleyway
  • P - Shoot the bolts to cross the chasm
  • O - Pile on the pressure plate
  • N - To the top of the High Rise
  • G - Check the High Rise plumbing
  • E - Complete all food deliveries
  • B - Help Sandy clean up trash*
  • O - Catch 10 jellyfish in Downtown
  • B - Gather 75 doubloons in Downtown

Sandy's treedome

  • S - Plug all the leaks
  • P - Window jumping
  • O - Take a birdbath
  • N - Running on the wheel
  • G - Defeat Sandy in a karate match
  • E - Bring down the hive
  • B - Across the highest branches
  • O - Gather 100 doubloons in Tree Dome
  • B - Catch 10 bees and wasps

Jellyfish Fields

  • S - Win the Jellyfishing Competition
  • P - Herd the snails into the corral
  • O - Foot race with Patrick
  • N - On the prow of the ship
  • G - Pearl switching puzzle
  • E - Clam jumping
  • B - Ride the Great White Jellyfish
  • O - Into the hills
  • B - Collect 225 doubloons in Jellyfish Fields

Chum World

  • S - Win the Porthole Plunge game
  • P - Win the Inflato game
  • O - On top of the Spinner
  • N - On top of the ferris wheel
  • G - Catch Plankton if you can*
  • E - Win the Chum Putt game
  • B - To the tippy top of the Big top
  • O - Catch 25 jellyfish in Chum World
  • B - Gather 225 doubloons in Chum World

Goo Lagoon

  • S - Umbrella jumping
  • P - Top of the juice stand
  • O - Light up the lighthouse
  • N - Lighthouse shows the way
  • G - On the pier
  • E - Defeat Larry in a karate match
  • B - To the crow's nest
  • O - Catch 30 jellyfish in Goo Lagoon
  • B - Gather 250 doubloons in Goo Lagoon

Flying Dutchman's Graveyard

  • S - Being back the booty
  • P - In the smokestack
  • O - Bring back more booty
  • N - You guessed it, more booty
  • G - Atop the Dutchman's head
  • E - Booty, booty, booty
  • B - On the deck of the last ship
  • O - Catch 10 jellyfish in the graveyard
  • B - Gather 75 doubloons in the graveyard

Note: Tasks marked with "*" can only be completed by returning to the area after progressing through the game.


  • Downtown Bikini Bottom and Chum World are the only worlds where SpongeBob can't collect all the letter tiles on his first visit, as some of the letter tiles can only be collected after progressing through the game.
  • The last two tiles in a set are nearly always obtained by collecting a certain number of doubloons and jellyfish/insects. The one exception is Jellyfish Fields, which lacks the jellyfish-related letter tile.
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