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This is an extreme thirst!
SpongeBob in the episode "Fools in April"
If you were looking for the article about the black variant, then see Black lemonade.
If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see "Ink Lemonade."

Lemonade is a drink that has appeared in some episodes of the series, starting with "Fools in April." It plays its most major role in "Ink Lemonade."


It is a yellow drink made with water, lemons, and the right amount of sugar. It occasionally has ice cubes in it.

Role in series

"Fools in April"

After SpongeBob enters the kitchen, he claims to have an "extreme thirst," which makes him grab a large jug of lemonade and pour many glasses of lemonade for himself. It is then revealed that the lemonade was part of an April Fool's Day joke SpongeBob pulled on himself, causing him to laugh.

"Sailor Mouth"

Betsy Krabs is about to reward SpongeBob and Patrick with glasses of lemonade in return for their hard work, but just as she is about to go inside to get it she steps on a pebble.

"Can You Spare a Dime?"

After Squidward stays at SpongeBob's house for a very long time instead of getting a job, SpongeBob becomes annoyed with him. Squidward asks SpongeBob for a glass of lemonade, but gets angry at him due to the lemon having three seeds, as he states that he cannot eat odd-numbered food. SpongeBob takes the lemon out, but Squidward complains that the drink is spoiled due to the lemon, which makes SpongeBob angrily grip the glass of lemonade so hard it shatters.

"Krabs à la Mode"

At the episode's end, SpongeBob offers Mr. Krabs a cup of lemonade with ice cubes. Mr. Krabs notices that Plankton is frozen in an ice cube, and thanks him for the idea of turning the Krusty Krab into a pool. He then starts drinking the lemonade, causing Plankton to scream.

"The Great Patty Caper"

When the Oceanic Express goes out of control, Patrick's second attempt at stopping the train is to use a lemonade stand to convince the train to stop for free lemonade. However the plan fails, shocking Patrick as he states that "everyone stops for free lemonade."

"Karate Star"

When SpongeBob is teaching Patrick karate, the first move taught is the "inverted whirlpool." Patrick tries it, but he doesn't know how to stop, causing him to destroy Incidental 40's lemonade stand.

"Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom"

When SpongeBob and Squidward go to Kelpy G's concert, Squidward tries to distract SpongeBob by making him get lemonade from a stand with a very long waiting line. Squidward believes his plan has worked when he hangs out with some octopuses in peace, but SpongeBob returns with lemonade. Squidward is shocked, but SpongeBob reveals that there was a second lemonade stand with no waiting lines.

"Glove World R.I.P."

As SpongeBob and Gary are relaxing in their library, a roller coaster cart filled with passengers crashes through the wall. SpongeBob is seemingly unaware of the destruction, and calmly offers the fish some lemonade.

"Ink Lemonade"

Patrick sets up a lemonade stand and tries to sell lemonade to customers, but the drink is so disgusting that it causes Incidental 69 to throw up. Patrick later uses Squidward's ink as lemonade and dubs it "black lemonade," and converts his ordinary lemonade stand into a black lemonade stand.

"The Nitwitting"

As SpongeBob is getting initiated into the Empty Head Society, the various members put their spit into a jar and hand it to him. They encourage him to drink, which causes him to drink the jar of saliva. This disgusts the members, and the Ice Cream King reveals that he was supposed to drink some lemonade from a nearby stand.

Role in games

Lights, Camera, Pants!

The PC version of the game features Patrick setting up a lemonade stand in front of the Krusty Krab, where he sells regular, huge, and super size cups of lemonade for free, and a MEGA size cup for 25 cents. After SpongeBob finds a quarter and buys a MEGA cup, he jumps into it and soaks the drink up. He compliments the drink, but Patrick runs out of business due to only having one MEGA cup.

Role in comics

SpongeBob Comics No. 3

The comic Dial "S" for Willie has SpongeBob trying to relax with a comic book and a glass of lemonade, only for someone to keep ringing him looking for "Willie."

SpongeBob Comics No. 57

The SpongeFunnies section is centered around lemonade. The first comic, Crime Comics, reveals someone has spilled some lemonade. The second comic, Koo-Koo for Clues, shows Patrick as a detective, where he discovers the lemonade and blames SpongeBob for the murder. The third comic, Guilty!!!, has SpongeBob tell Patrick that spilling lemonade doesn't count as murder, which disappoints him.


  • The title of the episode "Ink Lemonade" references a variant of lemonade called pink lemonade, made by adding fruit juices or food coloring to normal lemonade.
  • The lemonade in the comic Dial "S" for Willie does not actually resemble lemonade, as it is dark green.