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The Lava King is a character who appears in the online game Invasion of the Lava King as the main antagonist and final boss. He has the power to control volcanic activity and had plans to create volcanic eruptions to destroy Bikini Bottom for unknown reasons. He also has a large army of minions at his disposal and uses them to protect his strongholds and eliminate anyone who tries to interfere with his plans. These minions include toxic jellyfish, anglerfish, and even SpongeBob clones made of lava.


The Lava King appears in the cutscenes that play whenever SpongeBob enters a new world. In the first two of these cutscenes, the Lava King is seen ordering one of his most powerful monsters to destroy SpongeBob, after which the monster becomes the boss of its respective world. In the final cutscene, the Lava King commands his minions to protect his home in the Dead Lands, and threatens to obliterate SpongeBob himself if the spongy hero ever dares to show up.


Despite having volcanic powers, the Lava King mostly uses melee attacks during his boss battle. He sometimes turns himself into a puddle of lava and disappears so he can reappear in a different location in an attempt to catch SpongeBob off guard. After reverting to his normal form, he attacks by slamming his fists into the ground and performing spinning kick attacks.

Being made of lava, the Lava King is vulnerable to the Magic Wand, which does decent damage to him and freezes him in place temporarily.
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