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Hey Sandy, hey SpongeBob... You guys wanna go lift some weights?
— Larry to Sandy and SpongeBob, "Ripped Pants"

Larry the Lobster is a recurring side character[2] in SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a muscular red lobster who is commonly seen at Goo Lagoon. He first appears in the episode "Ripped Pants."


Larry is a large muscular light red lobster with a crimson red back and lobster tail. He is much taller than most citizens in Bikini Bottom. He also has crimson red colored antennas, small and short yellow eyestalks, and a nose that has a wavy border on the top. He also wears swim trunks that are usually light blue with mint green flowers or turquoise with yellow flowers. The color of his swim trunks appears to be inconsistent.


He is a popular individual who has many adoring fans who crowd around him on the beach. He takes pride in being a lifeguard, knowing that he is the only thing separating the Bottomites from a watery grave. He is generally kind, polite and supportive. However he has been seen to be furious at other characters in "Bubble Buddy", "A Life in a Day, and "Squid Plus One" when they put him in danger or insult him. He has even kicked out his own parents for being old, but so politely they did not take offense to it. Despite his muscular physique and bravery, he knows when to draw the line, as shown in "A Life in a Day".

While Larry is strong and polite, he is sometimes full of himself. This is seen when he completely ignores the Flying Dutchman, instead ranting about his body. There is also a part of the song "Ripped Pants" where the lyrics are "when big Larry came 'round just to put him down." Earlier in the episode, he also acknowledges SpongeBob as something of an underling, similar to Squidward.



Although Larry can come across as a proud individual, he and SpongeBob generally get along well. In "SpongeGuard on Duty" and he is pretty impressed when he sees the drop of ice cream on his nose, thinking it is sun tan lotion, or as it is referred to as, "white stuff." Larry seems to interact well with SpongeBob, talking to him when he's around and creating small talk with him quite often, as he asks him to help him spread sun tan lotion on himself in "The Abrasive Side," and compliments him in "Pets or Pests."

In "Pet or Pests" when SpongeBob asks Larry about his worm pets, Larry asks, "Do I... know you?" SpongeBob replies, "Probably not." This shows that, although they have interacted before, they do not really remember each other well. However, Larry might have acted like he doesn't know him because he felt embarrassed.

In the episode "Larry's Gym," Larry attempts to build SpongeBob in his own image, and succeeds. Later, all of the paperwork causes Larry to neglect his body, and his muscles deteriorate. SpongeBob becomes Larry's personal trainer and helps him get his old body back. After working out, the two share a hug.


Patrick's opinions about Larry have changed drastically throughout the show, going from disliking him to idolizing him, and eventually seemingly being acquaintances with him. In "SpongeGuard on Duty," it is implied that Patrick does not like lifeguards much, as he criticizes them for being overrated, stating that all they do is blow on their whistles, rub white stuff on their noses, and show off their bodies. At the end, Larry decides to help Patrick learn how to swim after he saves him from nearly drowning in shallow water.

In "A Life in a Day," Patrick looks up to Larry as a role model, and begins trying to live like him. Eventually he loses enthusiasm for this, but SpongeBob pressures Patrick into taking part in one last dangerous stunt, during which Larry tries (and fails) to save them.

In "You Don't Know Sponge," after upsetting SpongeBob by failing to recall anything about him, Patrick meets with Larry to go shopping for a gift for SpongeBob, which initially confuses SpongeBob, as he believes Patrick has already moved on from their friendship.


Larry and Squidward had not been seen together until the ninth season episode "Squid Plus One." Squidward searches for a new friend and bonds with Larry, but their chance at friendship ends after Squidward harshly mocks him about liking protein shakes. Larry promptly beats Squidward to a pulp. Despite this, their friendship seems to have been restored in later episodes.

Mr. Krabs

Like Squidward, Larry's first encounter with Mr. Krabs is in the ninth season, in the episode "Larry's Gym" When Mr. Krabs hears that the first visit at his new gym is free, he vows to stay there forever. After Larry starts to lose shape, Mr. Krabs starts to tease him. Larry falls into a deep depression until the end of the episode, when SpongeBob helps him get back into shape. Mr. Krabs is cooked alive after spending too much time in the tanning salon short after.

In "The Check-Up," Larry agrees to pose as Mr. Krabs in order to help the latter pass his physical. In "Larry the Floor Manager," Mr. Krabs takes a vacation and makes Larry the Lobster the temporary manager of the Krusty Krab.

Sandy Cheeks

Larry has gotten along well with Sandy, since they are both into sports and both are very athletic. In "Ripped Pants," he invites Sandy and SpongeBob for weight lifting, and they both impress each other with their skills. Also, in "MuscleBob BuffPants," he and Sandy both participate in the Anchor Toss. 

However, in "Squirrel Jelly," Sandy brutally beats Larry by hitting him hard with a volleyball. Later in the episode, he scolds her for it.

Role in series

Larry the Lobster is a recurring side character in the show. He mostly makes short cameos and has had a few episodes revolving mainly around him. He can also be seen in the background as a non speaking character along with other incidental characters in a few episodes.

Major roles

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"Ripped Pants"

Larry plays a supporting role in this episode. He first appears when SpongeBob and Sandy were seen playing with sand and offers them to come lift weights with him. Throughout the episode, SpongeBob grew jealous with Larry's outstanding performances that impress Sandy which gives him the idea to constantly rip his pants on purpose in order to get all of her attention. However when SpongeBob pretended to be injured from surfing, Sandy became angry at SpongeBob and decided to start hanging out with Larry instead, much to SpongeBob's dismay. After he finished singing his song, Larry becomes amazed by his performance and asks SpongeBob to sign his pants.

"Sandy's Rocket"

SpongeBob and Patrick mistake him for an alien and shoot him with Sandy's popgun from inside his mailbox.

"MuscleBob BuffPants"

He is seen at Goo Lagoon with other muscular fish and became amazed by SpongBob's Anchor Arms. He later participates in the Anchor Toss later in the episode where he presumably got second place.

"Walking Small"

He is seen playing volleyball with other beachgoers and they accidentally toss to ball near SpongeBob. Larry tells SpongeBob to toss the ball back to them but SpongeBob pops the volleyball which causes Larry and the other beachgoers to leave Goo Lagoon.

"Neptune's Spatula"

He is seen at the Fry Cook Museum trying to pull King Neptune's spatula from the grease, however he fail due to not being the legendary fry cook Neptune has been searching for. Later when Neptune is trying to find out who pulled the spatula from the grease, he compliments Larry about his muscular appearance and does striking poses with him. Neptune then assumes that he pulled the spatula from the grease but Larry tells him that SpongeBob did it.

"Bubble Buddy"

He is seen dancing at Goo lagoon with other beachgoers until SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy join them and SpongeBob tells Bubble Buddy to shake his "bubble butt." Larry and the other beachgoers assume SpongeBob was referring to them which causes them to believe that he was calling them all fat. Larry and the beachgoers blush in embarrassment and leave shamefully. He later becomes part of the angry mob wanting to pop Bubble Buddy.

"Patty Hype"

He is seen flexing his muscles and says "Pretty Patties Rule!"


He is seen jogging at night in Bikini Bottom and gets spooked by the Flying Dutchman.

"Band Geeks"

He joins Squidward's marching band after seeing his flyer in the gym shower. Later when SpongeBob mentions his heart giving out from training pills, he asks Larry who revived him, and Larry responds "some guy in an ambulance."

"SpongeGuard on Duty"

This is the first episode that mainly revolves around Larry the Lobster. He appears as the lifeguard of Goo Lagoon and it shown to be popular among the other beachgoers. SpongeBob decides that he wants to become a lifeguard like Larry. After SpongeBob gets hit by a flying ice cream truck, he gets vanilla ice cream on his nose and Larry mistakes it as sunscreen and assumes that SpongeBob is a lifeguard. SpongeBob and Larry then hangout together at Goo Lagoon by doing various activities together. Larry then offers SpongeBob to run Goo Lagoon by himself. SpongeBob accepts the offer but regrets accepting it when he sees Larry rescue Incidental 37A from drowning and SpongeBob is unable to swim. Later in the episode when SpongeBob and Patrick were drowning in the shallow area of Goo Lagoon, Larry "rescues" them and discovers that SpongeBob isn't a lifeguard. As punishment, Larry has SpongeBob and Patrick practice doing strokes in an inflatable pool.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV"

He greets SpongeBob by Patrick's rock and SpongeBob accidentally zaps him with Mermaid Man's belt. He is later seen part of the riot destroying SpongeBob's insides. When SpongeBob shrinks Bikini Bottom down to the perfect size for the shrunken citizens, he becomes amazed along with everyone else and cheers for SpongeBob.

"Party Pooper Pants"

He is a guest at SpongeBob's house party. He is seen going through SpongeBob's belongings in his bathroom while SpongeBob was trying to get back inside his house.

"The Sponge Who Could Fly"

He asks SpongeBob to help him pick out a tie as a favor. He is later part of the angry mob demanding SpongeBob for more favors.

"SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"

SpongeBob asks Larry to be his bodyguard for the Tattletale Strangler, but he gets spooked and turns into a lobster meal on a plate due to being terrified of the Strangler. He is later seen in SpongeBob's three parties.

"Ghost Host"

He is seen at a gym showing off his muscles in front of a mirror. The Flying Dutchman tries to spook him, but Larry doesn't notice the Dutchman and notices a flabby part of his chest and runs off to do more exercise.

"That's No Lady"

He first compliments Patrick about the shades he was wearing in order to use as a disguise from the Salesfish. Later when Patrick was disguised as Patricia and was walking down Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob, Larry assumes that Patricia was SpongeBob's girlfriend. SpongeBob tries to tell Larry that they are just friends but Larry keeps referring Patrica as his girlfriend, much to SpongeBob's annoyance.

"Roller Cowards"

He appears at Glove World! after riding the Fiery Fist O' Pain and has SpongeBob and Patrick smell the adrenaline from his armpits.

"A Life in a Day"

He is first seen riding on a dirt bike at Goo Lagoon performing various stunts while doing so. He advises SpongeBob and Patrick to live life to the fullest giving Patrick the idea to do several dangerous life threatening stunts. Later in the episode when SpongeBob decides to live life to the fullest by doing dangerous stunts, he has him and Patrick launch themselves on a giant harpoon and land on an island of spiky rocks. Larry tries to stop them from doing the stunt and explains to them that they shouldn't try living life to the fullest by nearly killing themselves. However Larry ends up gettin injured from the stunt and put into the hospital with SpongeBob and Patrick. Larry then angrily chases SpongeBob out of the hospital because of this event.

"The Krabby Kronicle"

SpongeBob creates a false newspaper story about Larry getting beaten up by Incidental 107. This causes Larry to get banned from a gym and ruins his life as well. Hew is latter seen in an angry mob with Sandy, Plankton, and Mrs. Puff claiming that the school kids want to beat him up for lunch money.

"Pets or Pests"

He is seen walking out of the store with groceries when SpongeBob tries to sell the baby worms to him. He buys the worms so he can eat them for protein but SpongeBob stops him before he was able to devour them.


He assumes that Squidward's talk show was a house warming party and has a huge crowd of citizens run right into Squidward's house.



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