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"Lightning" Larry Luciano is a snail who first appears in the episode "The Great Snail Race."


Larry Luciano is a very old snail. He has white eyebrows and a white mustache. He is dark mauve with an olive green shell that has orange spots. His underside is a similar shade of green. He can barely keep his eyelids open, but he has a dark orange eye color.


At some point, he became the winner of Bikini Bottom's first annual snail race.

Role in episode

Larry Luciano was the winner of Bikini Bottom's first annual snail race. Many describe him as a "Living Legend" and every year since he has won the race and ignited the flame that commences the race.

At the 102nd running of the snail, he creeps extremely slowly for two hours just trying to reach and light the flame. The announcer becomes bored and the band playing gets tired to where one who was playing the trombone falls over from exhaustion. The Mayor of Bikini Bottom then lights it for him.


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