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Lawrence "Larry" Leichliter (born May 24, 1941; age 81) is a former SpongeBob SquarePants crew member. He left during season 5.


Leichliter's career in animation began in 1975 when he worked on You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown. This was followed by numerous other Peanuts specials that he was a crew member of throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. Since then, he has worked on many animated television series, particularly those made for Nickelodeon, which include Hey Arnold!, ChalkZone, The Fairly OddParents, CatDog, The Mighty B!, and Catscratch. Leichliter more recently was a director for the Cartoon Network original series Adventure Time, for which he directed 114 episodes and the original short. Adventure Time also garnered him three Primetime Emmy Award nominations in the category "Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program" in 2010, 2011, and 2012. He is currently directing Bee and PuppyCat for Cartoon Hangover. In 2015, he received a Primetime Emmy Award for his work as animation director on Over the Garden Wall.


Episode Credits
Season 1
7a - "Hall Monitor" sheet timer
7b - "Jellyfish Jam" sheet timer
16a - "Valentine's Day" sheet timer
16b - "The Paper" sheet timer
20a - "Hooky" sheet timer
Season 2
29a - "Survival of the Idiots" animation director
31b - "Squirrel Jokes" animation director
Season 4
78a - "Born to Be Wild" sheet timer
78b - "Best Frenemies" sheet timer
80a - "Best Day Ever" animation director
Season 5
85a - "New Digs" sheet timer
85b - "Krabs à la Mode" sheet timer
86b - "Bucket Sweet Bucket" animation director
List of episode credits


  • During his time on the show, season 3 was the only season he did not work on.
  • During his time on the show, he has only been the animation director for four episodes.
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