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Larry's Gym is a gym that appears in the episode of the same name, "The Nitwitting" and "Handemonium." It is managed and owned by Larry the Lobster.




The exterior of Larry's Gym is shown as a large blue building with a white roof. The most notable feature is the large weight design that extends from one end of the building to the next. There is also a large sign that says "Larry's" on it in front of a large anchor.

In "The Nitwitting," the gym got a redesign. The building no longer has the anchor or Larry's name on it, and is just named "Gym." The weights on the building are much taller, and there are no parking spots near the gym.


For the interior of Larry's Gym, the automatic doors lead right to the reception room where Larry does his paperwork. From here, one can head one direction to the exercise room where they can work out. There is also a steam room which only Mr. Krabs is seen using. The logo for Larry's Gym is shown with Larry's face on it and the words "Larry's Gym" on the bottom.

Role in series

"Larry's Gym"

During the events of the episode, Larry first opens his gym where he hopes the citizens of Bikini Bottom will join. He then offers the first visit to his gym free where Mr. Krabs fully takes advantage of. SpongeBob arrives at the gym hoping to join as well especially since he cannot even open the doors (though, Larry does tell SpongeBob they are automatic).

Larry attempts to go through all of the membership forms but SpongeBob asks for help in working out. Larry then offers to personally train SpongeBob telling him to hydrate each time. Eventually, SpongeBob manages to get very muscular due to his workout while Larry gets weak and flabby due to doing paperwork instead of working out. Both SpongeBob and Larry are unhappy at their new appearances, but when Larry hugs SpongeBob, water pours out of him reverting him back to normal.

Larry points out that SpongeBob was just overhydrated. After laughing and doing crunches, Larry regains his muscles. SpongeBob leaves to go back to work at the Krusty Krab. Larry eventually finds a cooked-up Mr. Krabs who was in the steam room too long in the gym.

"The Nitwitting"

The gym becomes a site of the Empty Head Society's antics, where a member of the group drives onto the treadmill Larry is using and crushes him.


The gym is where Larry holds an underground arm wrestling tournament, and Mr. Krabs is the champion. Plankton tries to challenge Mr. Krabs, but is beaten and humiliated. Plankton later returns with his Chum Bucket glove and uses it to beat Krabs and all the other wrestlers.


  • Ironically, the gym's front door is automated, even though gyms are supposed to promote exercise.