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Larry's Beach Blast is an online action game on the Nickelodeon website.


The game does not have a story. The only character from the show to be featured in the game is Larry the Lobster. The purpose of the game is to test a player's coordination skills by having them input a certain direction on the keyboard for Larry to either attack a monster, shield himself from an enemy's attack, or save an anchovy from harm's way.

To attack a monster, the player presses either the left, right, or down arrow keys. Some monsters are holding anchovies, and the player then must press the arrow key twice in the same direction to rescue the anchovy and then attack the monster. If a sea urchin appears, the player must hold the up arrow key to shield themselves.
SpongeBob SquarePants Larry's Beach Blast

SpongeBob SquarePants Larry's Beach Blast

Failure to respond with the right arrow press in time results in the loss of a life. If the player loses three lives, the game ends.

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