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The large muscular fish is a character who appears in the episodes "No Weenies Allowed," "A Life in a Day," "Patnocchio," "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," as well as in the the video game Creature from the Krusty Krab.


He is a pink fish with spikes on his back and a tattoo of a skull on his arm. He has a very muscular shape, a big chin, four sharp teeth, and big, black pupils. He has black pants and shoes.

In "Patnocchio," he is brown instead of pink.

Role in series

"No Weenies Allowed"

When SpongeBob is telling Reg that he may need to beat someone up in order to get into The Salty Spitoon, Reg asks him if it is the large muscular fish. SpongeBob shrieks, later saying that he is not hurting anyone, unlike Patrick.

"A Life in a Day"

He appears as one of the mad bikers who chase Patrick for knocking over their motorcycles.


He is one of the people Patrick high-fives.
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