Not to be confused with Nude Sting.

"Lap Steel" (alternate titles: "Hawaiian Transition"; "Lap Steel and Vibe Transition"; "Lap Steel 1'; "Lap Steel Sting"; "Lap Steel Transition"; "Lap Vibe Harp"; "Lap Steel Vibe Q"; "P Steel Sting"; "P Steel Transition"; "Pedal Steel Transition"; "Patchy Steel Sting"; "Transition Sting"; "Chime with Transition Sting"; "What's This Lap Steel") was composed by Nicolas Carr. It is a sound-alike to "Hawaiian Link (A)," except shorter, and usually plays during scene transitions and time cards. It features a short steel guitar lick being played. A version of this with an additional drum hit is "Nude Sting."


(with reverb)


Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years


(no reverb)


  • 61b. "Shell of a Man" - "I get to be a Navy Buddy?"
  • 144b. "Karate Star" - "A gift in your likeness."; "You do realize I'm taking that out of your paycheck?"
  • 148b. "Whelk Attack" - SpongeBob laughs. (high-pitched +2)
  • 180a. "Patrick-Man!" - "That's it!" (high-pitched +1)
  • 194a. "Patrick! The Game" - "Many tic-tacs later..." (high-pitched +1)


Lap Steel and Going

This version features an additional gong.

  • 188b. "Yeti Krabs" - Just then... By sheer coincidence.

Hokus Pokus End Sting

This version features a high-pitched +1 version of "Lap Steel", chimes, a gong, and a high-pitched +7 version of "Harp Ding".

  • 76b. "Hocus Pocus" - Patrick gets turned into a jar of mayonnaise.


  • This is so far the most used sound effect in the series.
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