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The lady turtles are characters who appear in the episode "Shell Games."


They are two sea turtles who are light teal and both have light green shells with darker green spots on them. The taller one has curly, blonde hair, and wears a red bikini. She also has prominent eyelashes.

The shorter one wears a dark blue bikini and has a dark blue bow.

Role in episode

They first appear when Tony comes to them and brags, but they seem more interested in Patrick, causing Tony to get mad, and he even leaves his shell. However, this makes the turtle ladies laugh.

Later, they watch Tony and Patrick having a fight, interested in it. After the fight, Tony's shell breaks, causing both him and Patrick to not have a home. The turtle ladies, not intrigued, leave the scene on a van-moose.

At the end of the episode, they are fascinated at Tony's new shell, which is actually Squidward's house.
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