Krabzilla is a large mutated Krabby Patty monster who is the first boss of the SpongeBob and the Clash of Triton video game.


Krabzilla is a Krabby Patty that has been transformed into a large monster by Triton. He has three layers of spoiled patty meat for a body and arms, rotten lettuce for his legs, tail, and claws, and has a pair of moldy sesame seed buns. There are two slices of cheese inside his body, and three more slices resembling large spines. He also has two pickles for eyes, and a tomato slice for a tongue.

Role in game

Krabzilla acts as the first boss in the game, and is encountered in level five as the boss of the Rock Bottom segment of Mount Triton. In the level, Krabzilla will periodically spit hot sauce onto the ground, covering the entire ground in it and damaging SpongeBob and Patrick unless they climb onto a building. Various Krabby Patty minions will also spawn to help Krabzilla stop the heroes.

To defeat him, the player must destroy all six buildings in the level. Krabzilla will actomatically be destroyed if this happens. Once the level ends, Perch Perkins reports about the Krabzilla battle, and reveals that Krabzilla has become really popular in Bikini Bottom, with many stores selling Krabzilla-based merchandise. Perch asked a kid why Krabzilla become so famous, with the kid replying "he's just cool, dude."


  • He is a parody of Godzilla, an iconic monster who resembles a large lizard. Krabzilla becoming famous in Bikini Bottom also references how Godzilla has become a famous character in pop culture.
  • He is the only boss in the game to not originate from the episode "The Clash of Triton."
  • During the fight with Krabzilla, Perch Perkins comments that the hot sauce Krabzilla spits out is the same brand used at a fast food place called Scotty's Burrito Bar, located somewhere on the other side of Bikini Bottom.
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