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"Krabsy the Klown" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from season 2. In this episode, when Mr. Krabs reveals that he used to be a clown, SpongeBob convinces him to wear the big shoes once again.



Krabsy the Klown 029

Mr. Krabs' storybook.

Mr. Krabs is throwing Pearl a birthday party, although she is upset because the clown did not show up and got lost. A frustrated Mrs. Puff suggests that Krabs be the clown, and SpongeBob says it's a good idea. Krabs suddenly gets upset and runs back to his office. He explains through a children's book that when he was younger, he was a successful clown. One day, he tried to do a stunt involving a giant balloon dog made of smaller balloon animals, which led to an explosion that injured the attendants. He gave up on clowning after that, but is conflicted over what to do now.

SpongeBob convinces him to be a clown for Pearl. Krabs puts on his clown costume again and does various tricks at Pearl's party, which everyone loves. That night, though, Krabs is unable to sleep and tempted by his costume into being a clown full-time. He pulls various pranks over the next few days, and while the kids and adults find it funny at first, they grow tired of it. SpongeBob assembles the campers and announces he has a plan to stop Krabsy for good.

Krabsy the Klown 174

Mr. Krabs making the balloon animals.

Krabs cannot find anyone the next day, until he is lured into the Clamphitheater. They say they are sick of his clowning, and SpongeBob suggests that if he wants to clown, he can blow a balloon animal: the same one that made him quit in the first place. Everyone shouts out animals and Krabs blows them all up, eventually creating the giant balloon dog again. When he makes a balloon ladybug at Pearl's request, he puts it in and thinks he has done it successfully. The rest of the campers see it shaking and run away. The balloons explode, hospitalizing Krabs. He realizes his clowning got out of hand and gives up on it for good. However, the clown he hired for Pearl finally shows up, offering to make him a balloon animal, and Krabs screams.


This episode was unofficially confirmed following various audio and storyboard leaks from both SpongeBob spinoffs on December 9, 2022.[6]

Its new title and plot would later be officially confirmed on December 25, 2023.



 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Astronauts March - Sam Spence ["You've got to do it, for Pearl!"]
  Laughter - Jurgen Schlachter ["It's Krabsy the Klown time!"]



  • This episode was originally titled "Krabsy the Clown." Paramount Press Express still refers to it by this title.

Episode references[]

  • Mr. Krabs previously dressed up as a clown (known as "Krabby the Clown") in season 3's "Krabby Land," while trying to scam children out of their money.
    • The two non-existent costumed characters also have quite similar names, with the only difference being that Kamp Koral's interpretation has its first name spelled with an "s" ("Krabsy") rather than another "b" ("Krabby.")

Cultural references[]


  • The confetti that splashes on Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob when the former opens the box teleports onto them midway through rather than being fully animated.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
German Krabsy der Clown Krabsy the Clown


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