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Krabby Patty Crisis is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


The Krusty Krab is being overrun by hordes of ravenous customers, and SpongeBob has to feed them. The player uses the left and right arrow keys to move SpongeBob around, and the "b" key to throw Krabby Patties at customers. The smaller, faster customers require less Krabby Patties than the bigger, slower customers do, and there are six different customers, with each takes a certain amount of Krabby Patties before being sustained:

The game has two different modes to play; Patty Royale and Serve & Protect.

Patty Royale

In this mode, SpongeBob has to try and survive as long as possible while also serving the waves of attacking customers. SpongeBob is protected by a barricade made of tables with tape in between them. If a customer makes it to a section of the barricade with tape, they remove the tape. If a customer makes it to a section of the barricade without tape, they will bypass the barricade and a life is lost. After three lives are lost, the game is over.

As the waves progress, ammo refills or different weapons can spawn in, helping SpongeBob to deal with the customers. There are three alternate weapons available; a grill gun that shoots fiery Krabby Patties that are worth five normal Patties, a pickle gun that shoots pickle juice, instantly driving customers away at the cost of not gaining any money, and a ketchup gun that causes customers to get stuck on the spot.

Serve & Protect

In this mode, Mr. Krabs is absentmindedly wandering around the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob has to protect him from the customers for as long as possible. If a customer manages to touch Mr. Krabs, the game is over. SpongeBob also has to be careful not to let any customers breach his barricade, as he only has one life. He must also be careful not to hit Mr. Krabs with any projectiles, as that will also end the game.


The game also has a list of four achievements that the player can unlock:

  • Serve 15 Krabby Pattys[sic] to the customers
  • Survive 3 waves in Patty Royale
  • Collect and use the Pickler weapon
  • Protect Mr Krabbs[sic] for 60 seconds in Serve & Protect






SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Patty Crisis


  • This game was supposed to be sponsored by Nerf, as revealed by two unused graphics left in.[1]


  • One of the achievements misspells Krabby Patties as "Krabby Pattys."
  • One of the achievements misspells Mr. Krabs' name as "Mr Krabbs.'