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The Krabby Pâté is a fancy meal that appears in the episode "Krusty Katering."


It is ground Krabby Patties minced into a spreadable paste. Jewelry is added as well to make the food look fancier.

Role in episode

The Krabby Pâtés are made by SpongeBob at Ms. Mildred's mansion. However, he adds some of Mildred's jewelry on it to make it fancy.

Patrick serves some of the Pâtés to the guests at the party. When people want more of them, Patrick begins acting like a wild animal and hogs on the Pâtés, scaring the guests in the process.


  • The food's name is very similar to the French name of the Krabby Patty, Pâté de crabe.
    • This marks the only object to have a similar name.