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If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see "Squidferatu."
If you were looking for the article about Kidferatu's father, then see Nosferatu.

Kidferatu is a character who resides in the Trawler cabin with Preda Tory, Jimmy Blobfish, and Roxy. He is the son of Nosferatu and first appears in the episode "Cabin of Curiosities." He makes his first appearance in the main series in the episode "Squidferatu."


He resembles his father, wearing a shirt, shorts with a belt, boots, and a kerchief. He is entirely black-and-white in color, with a grainy visual effect meant to resemble old silent films. Kidferatu is usually seen with an umbrella when outside during the day, as he disintegrates when in direct contact with sunlight.

Role in series[]

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years[]

"Cabin of Curiosities"[]

Kidferatu is one of the main campers in the mysterious cabin.

"Kitchen Sponge"[]

Kidferatu is briefly seen with an umbrella eating a patty.

"Wise Kraken"[]

Kidferatu is seen many times playing the drums after each joke.

"Help Not Wanted"[]

When Patrick shows Cecil around Kamp Koral, he takes him to the outhouse. Cecil opens it, and finds Kidferatu inside. Kidferatu hisses and tries to shield himself from the light, but disintegrates into ash and falls down the toilet hole. Patrick apologizes, to which Kidferatu gives a thumbs up, with his hand still smoldering.

"Painting with Squidward"[]

Kidferatu is seen painting a copy of The Scream as Mr. Krabs announces the art contest. Kidferatu hisses, and the painting rolls away, to his surprise.

"Are You Smarter Than Patrick Star?"[]

Kidferatu is shown attending the party the Dinghies throw to show off S.A.L.

"The Perfect Camper"[]

Kidferatu and the rest of the Trawlers compete in the Kamp Koral Summer Games. Kidferatu tries to do the hammer toss, but he spins too fast and loses his hat, then disintegrates. Preda vacuums up his ashes. When the Trawlers collect parts of the campers, Kidferatu steals a bit of Larry's shell. The Trawlers are then informed by Mr. Krabs that they can only have a replacement in the Summer Games if their counselor cannot compete. Kidferatu removes his hat on purpose to allow Clay to join. At the end of the episode, he carries off the trophy that Clay won for the cabin.

"Scaredy Squirrel"[]

Sandy is scared of Kidferatu because he does not show up in pictures. When Preda introduces him to her, she screams and hisses at him like a cat. While walking around the cabin, Sandy comes into Kidferatu's room, which has two coffin-shaped tanning beds. Kidferatu offers to let Sandy use them, but she nervously declines. Kidferatu is then burnt up by the beams from the tanning rays. He and the other Trawlers have a welcoming dinner for Sandy and attend her sleepover the week after.

SpongeBob SquarePants[]


Kidferatu's picture can be seen in the hallways of Nosferatu's castle.