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Uh, I can explain.
— Kid #1, "Prehibernation Week"

Kid #1[1] is a character that debuts in "Prehibernation Week."


Kid #1 in his child outfit.

He is an olive-green fish with a turquoise fin and lips. He wears a dark teal skier out fit with red goggles, gloves, and mittens. His skis are colored dark blue.

Kid #1

He is a 3D video game model of him in his child outfit from "Prehibernation Week" which consists of him wearing a yellow T-shirt over blue overalls, a red whoopee cap, and holds a pink lollipop and a paddle ball. He also rides a tricycle and has three eyelashes on both of his eyes. Kid #1 is colored beige with jungle green lips and fins. He wears the red whoopee cap, holds the pink lollipop, and has the three eyelashes on both of his eyes. He also wears dark blue shorts instead of overalls over a yellow T-shirt.

Role in series

Kid #1 appears in only episodes so far. He appears to be normally portrayed as a skier.


"Prehibernation Week"

He is seen skiing on Sand Mountain when his clothes are quickly changed to those of a child after Sandy (who was on fire) races past him on her sandboard, upon the female skier looking at him, all he can say is "Uh, I can explain." He is later seen in a build that Sandy lifts while she looks for SpongeBob and he appears in his child outfit again and he tells her "Uh, I can explain."

"Giant Squidward"

Giant Squidward puts him on top of a mountain as he slides down happily.

Roles in games

Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

He appears as a kid fish in this game.