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Kevin C. Cucumber[1] is the former leader of the Jellyspotters. As his name suggests, he is a sea cucumber, which is a type of marine animal that resembles a cucumber. Kevin first appears and is the main antagonist in the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic."


He is a light green sea cucumber. On the top of his head is a set of pale yellow feeding tentacles that looks like a crown, but it is not. The tentacles have an orange outline. He wears blue glasses along with brown shorts and has pink lips. He wears two-tone spectator dress shoes in black and white.


Kevin is rude, sadistic, and treacherous similar to Bubble Bass. Kevin has a ruthless hatred toward his own fans, as shown when he lets SpongeBob try out for the Jellyspotters only to humiliate and belittle him. He also lacks consideration for SpongeBob when he does cruel things for him such as jumping off a building and punching himself in the face. Humiliating and belittling others seems to be a habit of his, as many of his biggest fans have ended up trapped in a crevasse at Jellyfish Fields because of him.

He is also ill-tempered, as shown when he is annoyed by SpongeBob completing all of his given tests with ease. Kevin is also greatly frustrated when all of his plans end up with him getting stung by jellyfish. He doesn’t even know anything about jellyfish and was just in the club for the fashion.

Kevin is also ungrateful, as while he acknowledges SpongeBob saving his group from danger and calls him impressive, he still does not let him join because he did not catch a queen jellyfish, even though he admitted that catching a queen jellyfish was a trick. This is a mistake that leads to his followers turning on him.


Kevin was a camper at Kamp Koral during his childhood. At some point, Kevin became the leader of the Jellyspotters, an expert jellyfish enthusiast club, because of the fashion. The Jellyspotters then once became so popular that Kevin himself was the mascot of his brand of jellyfish sting ointment.

Having no actual experience with jellyfish, he was replaced by SpongeBob, who proved to have experience with jellyfish and also saved them from a king jellyfish.

However, SpongeBob quit the Jellyspotters soon after.

Role in series

"I'm Your Biggest Fanatic"

In this episode, he meets SpongeBob after SpongeBob says, "Hi Kevin I'm your biggest fan!" and is disturbed by his obsessive fanboy behavior. However, he is greatly surprised when the latter complies with his requests such as jumping off a building and hitting himself. Amused by his attitude, he invites SpongeBob to go jellyfishing with the Jellyspotters who he tells that he wants to embarrass with pranks. He tricks SpongeBob into thinking he can join their club if he passes certain tests, simply so that he can humiliate and belittle him.

However, all of Kevin's plans end up with him instead of SpongeBob getting stung by jellyfish one too many times, causing his hatred for SpongeBob to grow. Finally, he snaps and says SpongeBob is ready for the final test: use SpongeBob as live bait to catch a queen jellyfish. It is revealed the Jellyspotters were using a robot queen jellyfish for a cruel trick on SpongeBob. Kevin and his friends then taunt and make fun of SpongeBob by calling him a "loser," but when a king jellyfish appears, he falls in love with the robotic queen and attacks them, Kevin proves to be a coward and admits that he was only in the club for the fashion.

When SpongeBob manages to ward away the king, Kevin is ruined when the Jellyspotters rip off his feeding tentacles and put it on SpongeBob.

"Lame and Fortune"

Kevin's leg (on left). Notice the other blue-colored Kevin with red pants behind him.

In this episode, one of his legs makes a cameo appearance in the Chum Bucket. Here, it is a much lighter shade of green.[2]

SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018

Kevin later appears on the back cover of the book, where he is part of the huge crowd of villains staring angrily at SpongeBob.

"Jolly Lodgers"

He appears at the Hotel Halibut's 36th Annual Jelly-Fisher Convention, where fans can meet Kevin and get pictures with him. He later appears at the episode's end, where he runs out of the fumigated hotel.

"Patrick the Mailman"

In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at Kevin's house to deliver a jury duty summons, but every time they put the envelope through his mail slot, he throws it right back at them. They then try ringing Kevin's doorbell so they can deliver the summons to him in person, but he tells them he doesn't want it and slams the door shut. SpongeBob suggests moving onto the next house but Patrick refuses to give up, so he stuffs himself inside a box and rings Kevin's doorbell again. Kevin comes out to collect the box, only for Patrick to emerge and offer him the summons. Enraged, Kevin activates a booby trap that catapults Patrick off of his doorstep.

Still not ready to give up, Patrick decides to dress up as Santa Claus and sneak into Kevin's house through the chimney. After reaching Kevin, Patrick tries to offer him the summons as a Christmas present, but Kevin isn't fooled and tries to run away. Patrick gives chase and manages to catch Kevin before he can jump out the window to escape, and the two fight until they wind up in Kevin's room. There, Kevin grabs a jellyfish net and wields it as a weapon. Patrick grabs a net as well and they begin to duel. Eventually Kevin gets the upper hand and tries to escape again, but Patrick manages to catch Kevin by swinging on a chandelier to tackle him from above. Kevin winds up caught in Patrick's net and forced to accept the summons. However, as SpongeBob and Patrick are leaving Kevin's house, he notices that the summons is actually for Bubble Bass and calls them out on their mistake before angrily tearing the envelope up and storming back into his house.

Later on, Kevin finds another summons for Bubble Bass on the ground. Annoyed, he crumples the summons up and tosses it into a nearby barrel.


  • Kevin's "hat" is his tentacles (hair). This is why he was in such pain when the Jellyspotters forcefully removed it.

Sea Cucumber

  • His middle initial and last name, "C. Cucumber," is a play on the word "sea cucumber."