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Kelpo is a brand of cereal that appears in many episodes, beginning with "Karate Choppers."


It is packaged in a small, light yellow box that depicts an image of a piece of kelp with a face, named Kelpy. The cereal's name is written at the top in dark blue, capitalized text, and also reads "with one of 8 essential prizes inside!" on an orange burst effect. There are squiggly lines on the side of the box, along with a blue square.

The cereal itself is average pale yellow chunks.

Role in series

Kelpo appears quite frequently throughout the series and is a highly recognizable brand of cereal sold in Bikini Bottom, mainly eaten by SpongeBob. It is known to be sold at Barg'N-Mart.

"Karate Choppers"

A box of Kelpo is karate-chopped by Sandy at Barg'N-Mart.

"Prehibernation Week"

A fish tries to pass a box of Kelpo off as SpongeBob.


SpongeBob is about to eat a large bowl of Kelpo at the beginning but he is distracted by the arrival of the Flying Dutchman's ship, which he mistakes as the sky having a baby.

"Artist Unknown"

SpongeBob hides inside an empty box of Kelpo at the dump after being driven away by Squidward.

"The Bully"

SpongeBob is seen eating a bowl of Kelpo while Flats punches him.

"Rock-a-Bye Bivalve"

It appears as one of the foods on Patrick's table that he eats for breakfast.

"Ghost Host"

SpongeBob pours himself a bowl of Kelpo only to find that the Flying Dutchman replaced it with eyeballs in an attempt to scare him.

"Bummer Vacation"

SpongeBob is seen eating a bowl of Kelpo for breakfast during his getting-ready montage.


The brand has its most important appearance in this episode. SpongeBob needs to collect 99 box tops from Kelpo boxes before eating all the cereal to obtain a free toy in the mail.

"Goo Goo Gas"

A box of Kelpo can partially be seen on the shelf at Barg'N-Mart, albeit with its distinguishing features diminished.


SpongeBob uses a box of Kelpo as his body to make his inanimate clone as he impersonates Squidward.

"Growth Spout"

Mr. Krabs tries looking for a substantial amount of food in Bikini Bottom to feed to Pearl while she is having a growth spurt. He breaks into Patrick's house at night and steals his bowl of Kelpo while he is sleeping.

"Sentimental Sponge"

SpongeBob gathers many Kelpy toys and their wrappers, along with many other items and keeps them at his house, refusing to throw them away.

"Bubble Buddy Returns"

SpongeBob is seen eating a bowl of Kelpo for breakfast at the beginning.

"Gary's New Toy"

SpongeBob tries to eat a bowl of Kelpo, but then discovers that Gary ate the bottom of the bowl, puncturing a hole through it.

"Larry's Gym"

Larry tells SpongeBob to do some crunches, but he takes it literally and crunches on Kelpo.

"Krusty Kleaners"

A box of Kelpo is seen on the counter of the kitchen in the office.

"The Nitwitting"

At the Empty Head Society, the Ice Cream King's secretary reads the minutes off a box of Kelpo.

"Stormy Weather"

A Kelpo truck is briefly seen.

Role in video games

Battle for Bikini Bottom/Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated

Some Kelpo boxes appear on top of the refrigerator in SpongeBob's house. There is also a large billboard on top of a building in Downtown Bikini Bottom advertising Kelpo.

Plankton's Robotic Revenge

Kelpo boxes appear a health collectible. Throughout each level, treasures chests appear which can only be opened by having a character perform a ground slam on them. Opening a treasure chest rewards the player(s) with Kelpo boxes which will give any of the players some extra health if they lost any.

Role in SpongeBob's Book of Excuses

The 3rd excuse for "I don't have my homework" is "Pearl spilled Kelpo on it."


  • In "Karate Choppers," the cereal is shown to contain kelp. However, in other episodes, it is shown to be ordinary cereal.
  • "More Feeling" is the only short where it appears.

The green kelp-like substance of Kelpo in "Karate Choppers."

  • SpongeBob seems to have a whole collection of Kelpo toys, as seen in "Sentimental Sponge," where he is shown gathering several Kelpy toys.
  • Season 10 is the only season where it does not appear.
  • In the video game SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, during the SpongeBob's Director's Commentary for the level "Paparazzi Patrick!," SpongeBob says that Patrick's final project for photography class was a framed photograph of a box of Kelpo cereal.

A different version of Kelpo, as seen in "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve."

  • A cereal with the same name is seen on Patrick's breakfast table in "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve," but the box differs in appearance from its usual colors and does not depict the brand's mascot, Kelpy.
    • It is also the only episode to have a box of Kelpo cereal depicted without its mascot, Kelpy.
  • In "Shanghaied," the box says one can get one of eight essential prizes inside, but in "Sentimental Sponge," SpongeBob only has one type of prize in his collection.