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Kelp Jerky is a food item that appears in the episodes "Sun Bleached" and "Porous Pockets," and the video game Nicktoons MLB.


It comes in a small, light yellow bag with a transparent display window. Its name is written at the top of the bag in capitalized, red-orange letters.

The snack itself is strips of dark reddish-brown jerky.

Role in series

"Sun Bleached"

After SpongeBob becomes sun bleached, Patrick tries to give him a makeover by covering him in mud, putting armpit hair on his head, and replacing his teeth with two pieces of Kelp Jerky.

"Porous Pockets"

While the hundreds of trucks bring money to SpongeBob's house, he and Patrick sit back and watch while eating bags of Kelp Jerky.

Nicktoons MLB

It is used as an advertisement in the SpongeBob SquarePants-themed baseball field.


  • It is a parody of a beef jerky.
  • Kelp Jerky is foreshadowed in "Porous Pockets" when, upon hearing the giant clam cough loudly, Patrick mentions to SpongeBob that he remembers coughing like that while eating a box of Kelp Jerky.
  • Both of its in-series appearances are in season 6 episodes that premiered in 2008.