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The Kelp Caves is a location in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. It is located deep within the Kelp Forest and can be accessed from the Kelp Swamp after placing three stone tikis on switches and crossing the bridge.

Role in the game

The player runs into Barnacle Boy as soon they enter Kelp Caves. He tells the player that he is trying to recover his lost Energy Crystal that power his secret superhero power. However, the robots have hidden them deep within the cave. There are six energy crystals in Kelp Caves:

  • The first energy crystal is located up ahead that requires SpongeBob SquarePants to stand on it and use his Cruise Bubble technique to hit the switch.
  • The second energy crystal can be found on a high ledge that requires the player to switch to Patrick Star and have him toss a stone tiki onto a switch to make bouncing leaves appear.
  • In order to get to the third one, the player must first switch back to SpongeBob and stand on the switch where Patrick got the second energy crystal. SpongeBob must then hit the switch with his Cruise Bubble to make the gate open. The player must then switch to Patrick and head through the open gate until they run into a stone tiki, a throw fruit, and a Sleepy-Time. Patrick can destroy the Sleepy-Time with the Throw Fruit and must take the stone tiki back to a nearby switch to make some leaves appear leading to the third energy crystal.
  • For the fourth one, the player must, once again, switch to SpongeBob and stand on the upper foot switch above the throw fruit. SpongeBob must then hit the unblocked switch to make the gate open to another area. In here, SpongeBob can take out the Monsoon with his Cruise Bubble and he can head up the stairs to find another foot switch where he can use his Cruise Bubble to hit the unblocked switch to open the gate to another area. The player must switch back to Patrick; fortunately, there is a Teleport Box up ahead. After switching to Patrick, he must grab the stone tiki from earlier and take it back to where the second Teleport Box is. Patrick must then throw the stone tiki on the switch to make the nearby beanstalk grow. Bouncing up the leaves eventually leads the fourth Energy Crystal.
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