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Karate Cutting (Greek: Κόψιμο Καράτε) is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD that was released in Greek on September 25, 2007. It contains eight episodes from season 1.


13a - "Scaredy Pants"
13b - "I Was a Teenage Gary"
14a - "SB-129"
14b - "Karate Choppers"
15a - "Sleepy Time"
15b - "Suds"
16a - "Valentine's Day"
16b - "The Paper"
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  • Despite being the focus of this DVD, the episode "Karate Choppers" is actually the fourth episode on this DVD. This is due to the episodes being in production order on the DVD.
  • "Scaredy Pants" is on this DVD, even though it is not Karate themed. This goes for most of the other episodes, as the DVD’s theme is only based on the episode “Karate Choppers”.