KRUM is the radio station in Bikini Bottom that Mr. Krabs listens to in the episode "Krab Borg." The DJ is the only known worker at the station.


From the interior, there is a calling station where people can ask the people at this place to play a certain song. There is a light blue desk with many radio equiptment and a few of the host's belongings. The floor is light olive-green and the walls are brown and gray. The name of the radio station is shown on the window in dark pink text, with the station number in dark green.

Role in episode

Mr. Krabs calls this company after the song "Electric Zoo" ends. He asks the company to play this song again. However, he sings the wrong notes and the guy who works there tells him if he means another key of notes. Afterwards, the song plays again.

Songs played

  • "Electric Zoo"
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