The Jumbo Shrimp's shrink ray is an invention made by Plankton for the Jumbo Shrimp in the video game The Yellow Avenger.


The shrink ray is a large red and gray gadget located on top of the Sea Needle, and was created to shrink the city of Bikini Bottom. It has four gray panels that open up like a flower, and at the center is a large red rod with three yellow rings and a yellow orb at the end. It fires a green laser, and is powered by three power switches protected by shields.

Role in game

When the Yellow Avenger travels to the Sea Needle in search for Plankton and the Jumbo Shrimp, he finds the Jumbo Shrimp tinkering with a shrink ray. The Yellow Avenger confronts the Shrimp, who reveals that he made Plankton build the shrink ray so that he could shrink Bikini Bottom and rule over it.

The Yellow Avenger must stop the Jumbo Shrimp's plans by turning off the shrink ray. He uses super strength to pick up crates thrown by the Shrimp to break the shields surrounding the shrink ray's power switches, before using waterballs to turn the switches off. Turning off all three switches powers down the shrink ray, foiling the Jumbo Shrimp's plan and unlocking the next part of the game.


  • During the fight with the Jumbo Shrimp, the shrink ray is entirely gray. However, during the cutscene after the fight, the shrink ray is now gray and red.


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