Jumbo Shrimp's house is the home of Jumbo Shrimp and one of the main locations of the comic Missing Man!



It is a house that is made of mostly sand or mud.

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Role in the Comic

It first appears when Barnacle Boy, SpongeBob, and Patrick go here because they think that Jumbo Shrimp has kidnapped Mermaid Man. Here, Barnacle Boy reveals that Jumbo Shrimp's lair is in the basement. When they go to the basement, they find Jumbo Shrimp pretending to fight an inflatable bop bag. Later, the Atomic Flounder, Man Ray, and the Dirty Bubble come over and after having a meal, complain about what SpongeBob, Barnacle Boy, and Patrick have done to ruin their day. The four agree to get their revenge.

Later, after kidnapping the three, the four tie the three up to chairs at Jumbo Shrimp's house. SpongeBob asks what the four are going to do to the three. Jumbo Shrimp suggests a spanking machine. The Dirty Bubble suggests them eating dirt. Soon, Mermaid Man arrives with a gift for Barnacle Boy because it is his birthday. The villains are surprised to see Mermaid Man. They tie him up too.

Mermaid Man asks one of the villains to give Barnacle Boy his present. Barnacle Boy opens it and it is a harmonica. Mermaid Man explains that he was out getting it all morning. Soon, it is time for the villains to get their revenge. Barnacle Boy gets an idea. He asks SpongeBob and Patrick to sing a birthday song for Barnacle Boy.

They do so while he plays harmonica. This annoys the villains and they kick the heroes out.

Associated Characters

  • Jumbo Shrimp - Resident
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Invader/Kidnap Victim
  • Patrick Star - Invader/Kidnap Victim
  • Barnacle Boy - Invader/Kidnap Victim
  • Mermaid Man - Invader/Kidnap Victim
  • Atomic Flounder - Visitor
  • Man Ray - Visitor
  • Dirty Bubble - Visitor
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