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If you were looking for the article about the 2016 event, then see July 2016 premiere week.

July 2011 premiere week was an event that featured four episode premieres that aired during the third week of July 2011 at 7:30pm EDT. A new episode of Family BrainSurge followed each SpongeBob SquarePants premiere.


Title card # Title U.S. airdate U.S. viewers
Accidents Will Happen title card.png
153a "Accidents Will Happen" July 18, 2011
Squidward is injured at work and forces Mr. Krabs to pamper him while he recovers.
Drive Thru title card.png
154a "Drive Thru" July 19, 2011
Mr. Krabs finds a creative use for a hole in the Krusty Krab: he transforms it into a drive-thru.
Sweet and Sour Squid title card.png
158a "Sweet and Sour Squid" July 20, 2011
Plankton attempts to strike up a friendship with Squidward in order to get the secret formula.
The Googly Artiste title card.png
158b "The Googly Artiste" July 21, 2011
Patrick's artwork is coveted by everyone in town after an art critic praises it.


SpongeBob, Patrick, Camera, and Cheese Fizz.png
"Patrick! You're spraying the camera with Cheese Fizz!"

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(HQ) SpongeBob and Family Brainsurge premiere week July 18th - 21st