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#REDIRECT [[List_of_characters/Background#Judge_Stickleback]]
|name=Judge Stickleback
|image= StickleBackHead.jpg
|Gender= female
|Color= light turquoise
|Eye Color= black
|Occupation(s)= Judge
|First appearance= [[Krabs vs Plankton]]
|Portrayer =
|Education = Law school
Judge Stickleback is A Middle-Aged Judge. Though her body is not shown, she is a light turquoise fish that appears to have grayish-violet hair that is not very long. She wears glasses. She is a fair Judge that is shown to get sort of emotional, but only when [[Sheldon J. Plankton|Plankton]] told his story about Gram-Gram, which was probably a hoax to get the Jury on his side. She sat at a wooden Judge desk, and she asks Plankton and [[Eugene H. Krabs|Mr. Krabs]] questions about the case of Plankton falling because there was not a wet floor sign
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