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John Gegenhuber is a voice actor. He provides the voice of Old Man Jenkins and other characters.


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SpongeBob SquarePants

Episode Credits
Season 11
230a - "High Sea Diving" Voice of Old Man Jenkins
232a - "Mustard O' Mine" Voice of Walter Haddock
235a - "Plankton Paranoia" Voice of Old Man Jenkins
238a - "Appointment TV" Voice of Old Man Jenkins, Impound worker
239b - "The Night Patty" Voice of Barry Blobfish, Invisible Man, Angler Fish
Season 12
242a - "FarmerBob" Voice of Old Man Jenkins
243b - "The Ballad of Filthy Muck" Voice of Old Man Jenkins, Leisure Fish, Mob Fish #1
251b - "Senior Discount" Voice of Old Man Jenkins, Very Old Man Jenkins, Grandpa Jenkins, Great Grandpa Jenkins
252a - "Mind the Gap" Voice of Drummer, Patron, Cool Skeptic
258a - "Boss for a Day" Voice of Worker Fish, customers
259a - "The Ghost of Plankton" Voice of Thief, Old Man Jenkins
261b - "Hiccup Plague" Voice of Old Man Jenkins, Customer #1
Season 13
270a - "Goofy Scoopers" Voice of Junkyard Owner, Customer #1, Crowd
List of episode credits

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years

Episode Credits
Season 1
3b - "Cabin of Curiosities" Voice of Jimmy Blobfish.
List of episode credits

The Patrick Star Show

Episode Credits
Season 1
10a - "Just in Time for Christmas" Voice of Caveman Jenkins, Carnival Crowd, Singers.
13b - "Mid-Season Finale" Voice of Caveman Jenkins
List of episode credits

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