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Joseph "Joe" Liss (born January 2, 1960; age 62) is a former SpongeBob SquarePants writer and crew member who worked as a writer on "The Great Snail Race." He also worked as a staff writer on the episodes "Krabby Land" and "The Camping Episode" as shown in the end credits of those two episodes.


Joe Liss was born on January 2, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois as Joseph Liss. He is known for his work on Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Drawn Together, and God Bless America.


Episode Credits
Season 3
55a - "The Great Snail Race" writer (recent American TV airings, digital versions, and streaming releases)
57a - "Krabby Land" staff writer
57b - "The Camping Episode" staff writer
List of episode credits


Merriwether Williams version.

Joe Liss version.

  • He is credited as the third writer on "The Great Snail Race" in recent airings on Nickelodeon USA,[citation needed] digital versions, and streaming releases, but in the original airing,[1] early airings,[2] DVD releases, and international non-US airings, Merriwether Williams is credited instead.