The Jewelry Store appears in the video games Employee of the Month and SuperSponge, as well as the episodes "Whirly Brains," "Moving Bubble Bass," and "My Leg!"


It is a light yellow store with light blue windows that read the word "jewelry" in red text. Underneath the said text is a light pink clam. It is on the far side of downtown Bikini Bottom.


  • Box O' Diamonds
  • Fabergé eggs

Role in games


It is one of the many buildings seen in the background in the level "Downtown Bikini Bottom."

Employee of the Month

SpongeBob visits this store to receive a bonus tape from the owner.

Role in the series

"Whirly Brains"

It is seen in the background as Sandy confronts SpongeBob and Patrick.

"Moving Bubble Bass"

Ms. Mildred is seen exiting the store just as SpongeBob and Patrick travel near it. It is later seen when Bubble Bass' luggage rolls down a hill and hits Miss Shell's snail.

"My Leg!"

During the montage of Fred saying "my leg!," one of the scenes featured includes Fred having his white dress being blown by an air vent in front of the Jewelry Store.


  • The Jewelry Store was originally going to appear in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II," where it would have been broken into and robbed.[1]
  • The Employee of the Month video game is the only time the interior of the Jewelry Store has been shown.


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