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The Jewel Triplets Gang is a gang consisting of three babies. They appear in the episode "The Great Patty Caper" and the book The Great Train Mystery.


The two males are dark green, and the female is light purple. All three of them wear diapers, and they all look, act, talk, and sound as if they were much older. There are two babies in the group, which are male and twins, while one of them is a female that looks completely different. The baby on the stroller can be distinguished from his twin brother by his freckles and yellow eyes.

Role in episode

According to a cop, the gang is infamous. Closer to the beginning of the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick see them in the Oceanic Express's restaurant. However, two of them are standing on top of another and are in a disguise, which makes them look like an old lady. The other one is in a stroller. SpongeBob easily mistakes them for an old lady with her baby.

Later in the episode, while a cop is searching the baby's diaper for the key, he finds Neptune's Jewel of the Sea. He then reveals to SpongeBob that the babies are the Jewel Triplets Gang and arrests them.


  • If one looks at the legs of the "old lady" from the earlier scenes, they are purple. This is illogical because only the female baby is purple.


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