Jerry is a snail who appears in the episode "Dumped," the book Meow...Like a Snail?!, and the online game Snail Park.


He is an extremely small, realistic-looking brown snail with an olive-green shell and dark brown body. He is small enough to fit in SpongeBob's palm.

Role in series


SpongeBob compares him to Gary and Lary the Snail, stating that the former two are different from Jerry.

Meow...Like a Snail?!

He is seen in the "Dumped" segment of the book.

Snail Park

Jerry is one of the snails that the player can interact with. According to Jerry's page in the snail photo book, his favorite thing is exotic food.


  • Jerry closely resembles the snail species known as Helix pomatia, also known as the edible snail, the burgundy snail, or the roman snail.
  • Although his closeup shows him in live-action form, he is briefly shown animated in the preceding shot.


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