This article lists the members of the Jenkins family, the family of Old Man Jenkins.

Family tree

Many unknown ancestors
Several Generations
Great Great Grandpa Jenkins
Great Grandpa Jenkins
Grandpa Jenkins
Very Old Man Jenkins Sr.
Old Man Jenkins
Unknown Jenkins
Old Man Jenkins' grandson


Old Man Jenkins

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Old Man Jenkins is an elderly fish that sometimes lives in a retirement home or a house near his barn. He has an unknown son or daughter. He is the son of Very Old Man Jenkins  and the grandfather of his unnamed grandson.

Old Man Jenkins' grandson

He is the unnamed grandson of Old Man Jenkins. SpongeBob mentions that he never calls his grandfather. He is the son of Old Man Jenkins' unknown son or daughter.

Very Old Man Jenkins

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Old Man Jenkins' father. His son is named after him.

Grandpa Jenkins

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Old Man Jenkins' grandfather and Very Old Man Jenkins' father. He wears glasses like Old Man Walker.

Great Grandpa Jenkins

Main article: Great Grandpa Jenkins
Old Man Jenkins' great grandfather, Very Old Man Jenkins' grandfather, and Grandpa Jenkins' father. He is the oldest member of the Jenkins family that is still alive.

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins

Old Man Jenkins' deceased great great grandfather. He is the father of Great Grandpa Jenkins, grandfather of Grandpa Jenkins, and great grandfather of Very Old Man Jenkins. He is a glowing red ghost and appears to be from Ancient China.

Jenkins' ancestors

Old Man Jenkins' many ancestors from many different eras. They are all glowing red ghosts. The oldest known ancestor in the group is the caveman Jenkins.


  • All of Old Man Jenkins' family members made their debut in "Senior Discount" and it is currently their only appearance so far in the series.


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