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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

"Jellyfishing Safety Tips" is a SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob's Last Stand short. In this short, SpongeBob talks about jellyfishing safety tips.



In the beginning of the short, SpongeBob explains important jellyfishing safety tips. He says that rule number one is to never feed a jellyfish. Patrick is seen offering a Krabby Patty to a jellyfish, but it bites his hand and shocks him. SpongeBob then says that rule number two is to never capture a baby jellyfish.

Patrick is seen again with a baby jellyfish in his net, remarking on how cute it is, but then the mother jellyfish soon appears behind Patrick and shocks him numerous times.

SpongeBob then says that rule three is to always carry jellyfish ointment on you. Patrick says he could use it while continuing to be shocked by the mother jellyfish, as the short ends.



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  Busy Life - Cedric Palmer [Plays throughout]