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Jellyfishing is a hobby in the SpongeBob SquarePants series. It is similar to butterfly collecting and consists of catching jellyfish in nets. Two of the most well-known jellyfishers are SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. It is first performed in the episode "Tea at the Treedome" by the former.

Jellyfishing is one of the most popular hobbies in Bikini Bottom. A popular place to jellyfish is Jellyfish Fields, located on the outskirts of downtown Bikini Bottom.

Typically, when jellyfishing, the jellyfisher needs a jellyfish net and jars. Glasses are recommended for safety, according to SpongeBob. In the episode "Pineapple Fever" and "SpongeBob's Last Stand," instead of his glasses, he wears goggles.


Jellyfishing can be traced as far back as the basic prehistoric era, where Squidward Tentacles accidentally travels back in time. In an attempt to distract a Primitive Sponge and Star, he creates a net out of their loincloth so they would not annoy him with their screams while being zapped.

In "Ugh," cave drawings of a sponge Jellyfishing can be seen in SpongeGar's pineapple.

In medieval times, the jellyfish net is modernized.[1]


A jellyfisher's convention entitled the Biannual Jellyfish Convention, is held in Ukulele Bottom. In the Jellyfishers' Convention Center, there are displays including the state-of-the-art jellyfish nets display and the harpoon from Jellyfish: The Movie. At the convention, famous jellyfishers set up displays to discuss their jellyfishing experiences. Such as Dr. Man-o-war, who was stung by Big Lenny and lived; (but now the scar hurts only when you touch it, which Patrick had to do.) and the Jelly Spotters; their leader, Kevin the Sea Cucumber who was eventually kicked out, and SpongeBob took over until he turned them down. There is a Jellyfisherman's Expo, which was mentioned in "That's No Lady."

Another event is the Jellyfish Migration. It's not an organized event, but rather a natural gathering of jellyfish from all over the world, and a chance for jellyfishers and other people to see rare jellyfish. The Migration lasts three days and occurs annually. The jellyfish in the Jellyfish migration are blue-crested blasters, speckled squirters, two-fisted jumpers, and gold-throated singers.

The Jellyspotters

The Jellyspotters are the world's premiere jellyfish enthusiast club. They appear in the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." The club's membership consists entirely of generic anchovies except for their leader, Kevin the Sea Cucumber. Kevin is an arrogant jerk and a bully, and has little actual skill in dealing with jellyfish, admitting to only be "in it for the fashion."

SpongeBob was Kevin's biggest fan and wanted to join the Jellyspotters. Kevin, intending to harm and humiliate SpongeBob for the entertainment of him and his club, put him through a series of "tests" intended to get him stung. However, SpongeBob succeeds in all of these and Kevin himself gets repeatedly stung. Kevin's final scheme involves attacking SpongeBob with a robotic queen jellyfish, eventually cornering him on the edge of a cliff where he reveals his true intentions (several people are seen living in the chasm below, indicating that they were fans who Kevin did the same thing with, and actually forced off the edge of the cliff).

However, the robotic queen jellyfish attracts the real King Jellyfish, who attacks them and corners them in a cave. SpongeBob himself and the Jellyspotters by warding off King Jellyfish with a bubble in the shape of a pie. Even after he saves their lives, Kevin refuses to let SpongeBob join the club. The anchovies, having had enough out of him, rip off his headcap and give it to SpongeBob, making him the new president of the Jellyspotters. However, at this point, SpongeBob is no longer interested and turns them down.



  • Pink jellyfish - most common jellyfish.
  • Lavender jellyfish - a breed of jellyfish without spots.
  • Blue jellyfish - a rarer jellyfish.
  • Speckled Squirter - a seven tentacle purple jellyfish that squirts jelly from its main body, rather than its tentacles.
  • Two-Fisted Jumper - an orange jellyfish with three tentacles and two fists used for jumping on the ground.
  • Golden Throated Stinger - a singing gold jellyfish with four small tentacles and one larger arrowhead tentacle.
  • Lime Dragon Jellyfish- In the Revenge of the Flying Dutchman game, this jellyfish is dragon-shaped and likes to move up and down.
  • Blue jellyfish - In the Revenge of the Flying Dutchman game, this jellyfish likes to spin.
  • Purple Jellyfish - In the Revenge of the Flying Dutchman game, this jellyfish likes to move back and forth.

Specific Jellyfish

  • King jellyfish - A large purple jellyfish with a crown. It is attracted to queen jellyfish and very much enjoys pie. Its binomial genomic title is Cnidaria rex.
  • Queen jellyfish - A large pink jellyfish that appeared in the episode, "Jellyfishing." In "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," there is a robot version of this jellyfish.
  • No Name/Friend - A blue jellyfish that was later renamed "Friend." Creates blue jelly. In "Jellyfish Hunter," he warns SpongeBob about Mr. Krabs' abuse to the jellyfish.
  • Twelvy - A jellyfish named by SpongeBob in the episode, "Jellyfish Hunter." So-called because he was the twelfth one caught that day
  • Big Lenny - A dangerous jellyfish, with nearly every sting being fatal. However, Doctor Mannowar actually lived through it, and is the only person to ever accomplish this so far. Big Lenny is seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" as a picture and in the PC game "Operation Krabby Patty" during the jellyfishing game with Sandy and Patrick.
  • Jeffrey the Jellyfish- Technically a fish in a jellyfish costume, is seen twice in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." He is chased by Patrick and eventually caught.
  • Dragon Jellyfish - This jellyfish is a giant dragon that terrorizes the people of medieval Bikini Bottomshire.
  • Jamming Jellyfish - This jellyfish goes home with SpongeBob, and then gets all his jellyfish friends to dance in "Jellyfish Jam."
  • Sparky - This jellyfish is the first jellyfish to be attracted to SpongeBob's sounds made by his holes in "SpongeHenge."


  • In "Tea at the Treedome" SpongeBob is seen briefly Jellyfishing a blue jellyfish.
  • In "Jellyfishing" SpongeBob and Patrick forcibly take a severely injured and disabled Squidward to go jellyfishing as part of his "best day ever." Squidward ends up being shocked by a Queen/Mother Jellyfish.
  • In "Jellyfish Jam," SpongeBob takes home a jellyfish to be his pet. The jellyfish throws a massive dance party with other jellyfish.
  • In "Nature Pants," SpongeBob attempts to start a new life living as a jellyfish.
  • In "I Was a Teenage Gary," SpongeBob and Patrick went to the Jellyfishing Convention along with others while chanting "Jellyfishing."
  • In "SB-129," Squidward accidentially rewrites history by inventing Jellyfishing when he returns to a prehistorical period.
  • In "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," SpongeBob meets a famous group of Jellyfishers known as the Jellyspotters (see above).
  • In "Jellyfish Hunter," SpongeBob puts a jellyfish's jelly on a Krabby Patty to create a "Jelly Patty." Mr. Krabs starts selling Jelly Patties, which prove to be extremely successful, having SpongeBob eventually catch virtually all of the jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields to use for jelly. Unbeknownst to SpongeBob, Krabs runs a secret factory where jellyfish are killed to extract their juice.
  • In "Patrick SmartPants," Patrick falls off a cliff while jellyfishing.
  • In "The Best Day Ever," SpongeBob goes jellyfishing with Patrick, much to his dismay that Patrick broke his net and SpongeBob's, therefore ending up using SpongeBob's new net.
  • In "The Pink Purloiner," SpongeBob believes that Patrick has stolen his jellyfishing net.
  • In "Pineapple Fever," SpongeBob and Patrick get ready to go jellyfishing, but they couldn't because of the weather.

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Jellyfisher Background in Jellyfishing
SpongeBob SquarePants Main Jellyfisher; jellyfishes in Jellyfish Fields, recommends glasses for safety. He attends the Biannual Jellyfishers' Convention. He was temporarily the President of the Jellyspotters, but he turned them down when he realized that the Jellyspotters wasn't about Kevin, but was about Jellyfishing.
Patrick Star Main Jellyfisher; jellyfishes in Jellyfish Fields with SpongeBob SquarePants. He attended the Biannual Jellyfishers' Convention in which he continually touched the exhibits and was yelled at by the security guard.
Squidward Tentacles Invented Jellyfishing in "SB-129." Went Jellyfishing, against his own will, in "Jellyfishing."
Sandy Cheeks Sandy is scientifically fascinated by jellyfish and their graceful movements. Several pieces of early artwork and merchandise show Sandy riding on a giant jellyfish. She jellyfished in "I Had an Accident," in order to get SpongeBob to come outside. The Employee of the Month video game also shows her Jellyfishing. She is seen doing it once again in SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue! She also cheated jellyfishing in "Squirrel Jelly."
Sheldon J. Plankton Jellyfished in "F.U.N.," during a scheme to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.
Kevin C. Cucumber President of the Jellyspotters.
Dr. Manowar Was stung by Big Lenny and lived.


  • Jellyfishing is similar to the real-life sport lacrosse, because one is supposed to catch a jellyfish in a net, similar to catching a ball in a net.