Ah, the rolling green hills of Jellyfish Fields, a place to experience nature at its most raw, and sometimes, a bit tender from the stings.
      —French narrator[1]
Jellyfish Fields is the first level in the console versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom and all versions of Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated. This level does not require any Golden Spatulas to enter.

Squidward has been attacked by robots and jellyfish, and SpongeBob needs to go to the top of Spork Mountain to find a jar of "King Jellyfish" jelly for him to use as a coolant for his wounds. SpongeBob also needs to save Patrick from a group of robots.

Rehydrated Changes

The following is a list of the changes made to Jellyfish Fields in Rehydrated:

  • When Squidward is describing Spork Mountain to SpongeBob, the camera pans left in the original game, but pans up in Rehydrated.
  • The giant flowers that SpongeBob can jump on are red in the original, but blue in Rehydrated.


Sleepy Time 052
"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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There are eight Golden Spatulas to earn in Jellyfish Fields. 14 of Patrick's socks are hidden here.

Top of the Hill

Get to the top of the mountain in Jellyfish Rock.


Encounter Gary and use the Bungee Hook to collect the spatula at the bottom of the waterfall in Jellyfish Rock.


Get to the end of Jellyfish Caves as Patrick.

Patrick's Dilemma

Defeat all the robots to save Patrick.

Navigate the Canyons and Mesas

Get to the end of Jellyfish Lake.

Drain the Lake

Destroy the lake fountains by throwing the stunned Ham-Mers at them.

Slide Leap

Jump to the Golden Spatula at the end of the slide in Spork Mountain.

Defeat King Jellyfish

Defeat King Jellyfish and give the King Jellyfish Jelly to Squidward.



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