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Jellyfish Fields is a vast area in Bikini Bottom where all the jellyfish reside. It first appears in the episode "Tea at the Treedome."



Over 4 million jellyfish reside here, as evidenced in the episode "Jellyfish Hunter." In "Born to Be Wild," it is also revealed that Jellyfish Fields is 50 miles long. There are two entrances: one at the beginning and one at the end, so it stretches out to other towns.

Other creatures live here as well, such as clams, leeches, and poisonous sea urchins.[1] Formerly, the Jellien Leader lived here.[2]

It is best known as the place where SpongeBob and Patrick go jellyfishing, a sport in which one catches jellyfish with a net and lets them out once caught. According to the episode "The Pink Purloiner," every year, for three days, different kinds of jellyfish from all over the world come to Jellyfish Fields. This is known as "The Great Jellyfish Migration."


In "SpongeBob's Last Stand," Jellyfish Fields is destroyed by Plankton to create the Shelly Superhighway, but returns to normal when SpongeBob and the other Bikini Bottomites intervene.

In "Jellyfish Hunter," Jellyfish Fields is partially destroyed by SpongeBob as he hunts down every single jellyfish for Mr. Krabs' Jelly Patties except Friend so Jellyfish Fields, as it is known, was destroyed for a very short time.

In "Squirrel Jelly," Sandy burns Jellyfish Fields to flames as a result of skating rapidly throughout the place.

In "The String," SpongeBob destroys Jellyfish Fields along with all of Bikini Bottom while pulling the titular string.

Known areas of Jellyfish fields

  • Jellyfish Rock: The main part of Jellyfish Fields. This is where SpongeBob and Patrick go jellyfishing. Most jellyfish live here. This place leads to Jellyfish Caves.
    Jellyfish Jam 185.png
  • Jellyfish Grotto: A cave where the discoverer of Jellyfish Fields studies about Jellyfish.[3]
  • Jellyfish Coral: A coral filled with racing snails. There is a Bait Shop and a coral that is owned by Rusty Scupper.
  • Jellyfish Cliff: A cliff located in Jellyfish Fields that is full of water and has a large shipwreck.

    SpongeBob and Patrick in Jellyfish Fields.

  • Brain Coral Fields: A field of brain coral on the bottom of a cliff in Jellyfish Fields. If someone replaces their brain with brain coral from the field, their IQ changes to high or above-average.[4]
  • Jellyfish Caves: The Jellyfish Caves are dark caverns in the middle of Jellyfish Fields, which is also in the foundation of Mount Spork. Likely, early jellyfishers lived here. The caves lead to Jellyfish Lake. This area is also where the Evil Alien Jellyfish Overlord used to stay in.
  • Jellyfish Lake: Jellyfish Lake is a large lake of goo, which also has a waterfall that falls from Mount Spork. Jellyfish Lake is a peaceful place.
  • Spork Mountain: Mount Spork is the highest point of Jellyfish Fields, and the home to King Jellyfish. On the summit, King Jellyfish has a shower and bathtub.[5]
  • SpongeHenge: SpongeHenge is a circle of eight large stone replicas of SpongeBob that when the wind blows through the holes, they create music, thus attracting jellyfish. The SpongeHenge statues were created by SpongeBob himself.[6]
  • Jellyfish Trauma Center: A center for people who are stung by jellyfish to be treated.[7]
  • Jellyfish Canyon: A canyon where Kevin C. Cucumber's fans are trapped inside.[8]


  • It is known as Jellyfish Area in both Korean dubs of the series.
  • Season 10 is the first season to have only one appearance of Jellyfish Fields, that episode being "Feral Friends."
  • In some episodes, it is seen that there are far less than 4,000,000 jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields.
  • In "Texas," it is revealed that Jellyfish Fields is located near Goo Lagoon.