Jellybees are a species of jellyfish who appear in the episode "FarmerBob." Despite the fact that jellyfish are often portrayed as bees themselves, these look more similar to bees in their appearance.


Jellybees are smaller than normal jellyfish and have only four tentacles. They are mostly yellow with two black stripes, like an actual bee. Their tentacles are a light shade of green.

Role in episode

One appears as it buzzes across Old Man Jenkins' kelp patch while SpongeBob and Patrick try to harvest it. Patrick is determined to drive Jenkins' tractor without getting distracted, but he immediately freaks out when he sees the jellybee. SpongeBob tries to catch the pesky sea-roaming insect with a rope, but he misses and it flies into his nose. The bug ends up flying out through one of his holes and then stings him.


  • The name may be a reference to the Filipino fast food chain Jollibee.
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