Jelliens are the evil alien versions of jellyfish that were created by the Jellien Leader after it consumed and trapped a regular jellyfish. They appear in the episode "Planet of the Jellyfish." They are minions of the Jellien Leader, and go and bring bodies of fish to it.


Jelliens look like regular jellyfish, except they have big eyes, that are cute and creepy at the same time. They also have pitch-black, shiny round eyes and mouths with sharp teeth in which they use to consume people and make Jellien clones. When creating said Jellien clones, they generate tendril-like tubes that are used to secrete green biomass that quickly molts into the said clones.

Being a mere clone of jellyfish, they cannot sting.

Abilities, talents, and relationships

As creation and servants for Overlord, Jelliens explore and take the role of drones. This is because they capture non-Jellien lifeforms and create the Jellien version of the said lifeform while taking away the original for the Overlord. They also scout over non-Jellien lifeform territories and stumble upon Bikini Bottom that provided them more prey. While they appeared to be weak (noticeably as they cannot sting), they counteract this via manipulation and trickery, as shown where it uses its appearance to fool SpongeBob. However, if necessary, they also willing to fight to the death with their enemies, though how they fight the threat is unknown (if any aside consuming them) as they immediately dispatched by SpongeBob and Sandy.

Primary Jellien has the alarming ability to copy the captured victim's DNA and possibly their memories (while sedating them during the consuming process) that are both used to create the Jellien clones (which are considered Secondary Jelliens). As a result, while its appearance mirrors the original, except for the eyes, which remain the same with other Jelliens, Jellien clones would easily blend with non-Jellien lifeforms while either hunting for more potential victims or guarding the Hive/Overlord's lair.


During the beginning of the episode, after SpongeBob passes by a cave, the Evil Alien Jellyfish Overlord eats a jellyfish and makes them into Jelliens. One of the Jelliens eats Patrick and makes a clone of him, and Jellien Patrick is born. The rest of the Jelliens are then captured by Jellien Patrick (SpongeBob caught one for himself still thinking it was a regular jellyfish, and thought it was a new breed because they did not sting) and they both give out the Jelliens to the citizens of Bikini Bottom.

Afterwards, the Jelliens manage to take over most of the citizens except SpongeBob and Sandy, who both learn that the Jelliens' weakness is mayonnaise. They then fight through the Jellien army using mayo and eventually take down the Overlord. The Jelliens are all destroyed, never to be seen again.

Jelliens tend to like cold environments and will make their nests in the cold. Jelliens also seem to be weak in hot environments, shown after the Evil Alien Jellyfish Overlord dies. However, they will survive in normal temperatures, as they survive in Jellyfish Fields.
Sleeping Jellions

A sleeping Jellien


  • The name "Jellien" likely came from the words "jellyfish" and "alien."
  • The Jelliens are a parody of the plants from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • They have fewer spots than any other jellyfish in all forms.
  • It's unknown whether a Jellien's appearance can only take the form of a jellyfish or if it can also take other lifeforms instead. However, this is possible as any lifeform's DNA that consumed by Overlord can be used to create Jelliens.
  • It may be based on the Jellyfish from the Chinese NES bootleg game Super Contra X, where Jellyfish appear twice, being launched from alien bosses.
  • The jellyfish's large, black eyes are carried on to other characters after they have been possessed.
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