The Jellien Leader was an alien and jellyfish-like monster who was the main antagonist of the episode "Planet of the Jellyfish."

It was the leader of the alien jellyfish known as Jelliens and almost succeeded in turning everyone in Bikini Bottom into jelliens until Sandy and SpongeBob showed up.


The Jellien Leader looks like a giant, light green jellyfish with unnatural black eyes that resemble those of snails, in which the eyes are similar with its Jellien minions. Its internal organs - a brain and what appears to be two orange crusty hearts - which jellyfish lack, can be seen through its transparent body. It has a huge mouth located on the lower part of its body and 15 squirmy legs.

It appeared that the Jelliens' species are having a matriarchal system, as it serves as Alpha/Queen for the Jelliens within the hive. The Jelliens that it creates serve as drones/scouts, while Jellien Clones serve as some sort of soldier to defend its lair.

Abilities and talents

The Jellien Leader has the ability to create Jelliens by using DNA from a jellyfish that it consumes. It also has telepathic connection with the rest of the Jelliens, in which as it died, the rest of the Jelliens would die along with it.

Role in series

"Planet of the Jellyfish"

The Jellien Leader looks like a giant, alien jellyfish and had the ability to eat regular jellyfish and create Jelliens in their place. It then tells the newly made Jelliens to eat everyone in Bikini Bottom, turn them into Jellien Clones, and take away the real copies. Near the end of the episode, the Overlord somehow ends up in the Krusty Krab, where it holds everyone captive in pods inside the freezer.

When SpongeBob squirts mayonnaise on it, it melts away along with all the other clones. After he and the Jellien clones were melted, the remains were used for Relish Patties.

SpongeBob Bubble Party

It appears as a type of bubble.

SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018

It, along with two of its Jelliens, appears as part of the crowd of villains angrily looking at SpongeBob.


  • The Jellien Leader and the Jelliens are a parody of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • It is based on a Phronima, a deep-sea animal that hijacks the body of other deep-sea creatures. However the difference is Phronima are crustaceans, not jellyfish.
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